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The Power of YES!!


YES! YES! YES! Well don’t worry I haven’t gone mad and neither am I too excited for no apparent reason. I just wanted to create some impact using the word ‘YES’. It can be pretty impactful and powerful when used in the proper context. Some of you may argue here that it is just an ordinary three letter word like any other in the extensive English Language. Well technically you are right, but logically not so much. This is in fact a very strong word and if we open up to it, it can change our life wonderfully. Am I not making too much sense here? Well that is possible. But do not worry; hang on things will become clearer in just a few more minutes.


Well lets just sit back, relax and think about it once. How many times in a day do we get the chance of saying yes to somebody or something, but instead we end up going to our go to response i.e. NO. Many a times, while retrospecting, we regret this decision of ours and wish we had said YES instead. Even if we do not regret, we do end up wondering how would things be had we said YES. WE feel reluctant, we hesitate in saying YES, whereas NO seems like the most comfortable option. We human weren’t made that way, its just that this world is slowly turning us to ‘no’-men (pun intended!). Is this because we are afraid to try new things, afraid to change our daily routine? Or is it because we like things in a planned manner and are uncomfortable with things which are not anticipated pre-hand? Well maybe we are just too comfortable in our daily life that getting out of our comfort zone seems like too big a step to take. Whatever the reason may be, we are ultimately restricting ourselves from experiencing life the way it is supposed to be – by not saying ‘yes’ we are restricting our own lives, we aren’t allowing our horizons to broaden, we aren’t letting ourselves free.

We are intentionally or unintentionally stopping ourselves from having some fun, from broadening the narrow bubble of our life in which we are trapped right now. All these experiences, good and bad, that we are do not get to face because of being a fan of the word ‘NO’, are very important in shaping you up to become a better, more aware, and a happier human being. These are the experiences that shape up your future and enable you to excel while facing numerous challenges along the way. If you restrict yourself to your daily routine and say NO whenever something new and different comes your way, you’ll miss out on the exciting journey of life and will never be able to grow into a person who can face unanticipated challenges.  Plus you’ll also miss out on the fun and adventure that comes along with it.


So loosen up a little. Explore new stuff; say YES once in a while without thinking too much into it. See where it takes you; you can always back up if it takes you somewhere you definitely don’t want to be. My point here is that all of us need to enjoy and explore life. As it is our lives are slowly getting riddled with unimaginable amount of stress with each passing day.  We all have limited time in our lives and we’ll be doing ourselves a huge favor by truly making the most of it. And we certainly don’t have the time to wonder and feel sad over certain missed opportunities.  Don’t wonder what things would have been had you said YES – Say it instead and see the remarkable change in your life, first hand. You don’t have anything to lose. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still gain something out of the entire experience. ‘Boring’ should never be the adjective to describe one’s life. If this is the case, then you definitely are not living it right. Planning things is good, of course. But planning every part of your life takes the fun out of it. So leave certain things to destiny. Every once in a while be spontaneous, do things on a whim. Remember, fulfilling the wants of your heart is something you will never feel bad about. Don’t squeeze the thrill out of everything, keep things exciting. Keep doing stuff; take up the opportunities when they present themselves for they may not be there to take again. Say YES for a change and explore the power of this word. Take on this incredible journey called LIFE with open hands and start doing things today instead of regretting tomorrow.

It is said that visual display makes a stronger impact than plain words. So I suggest every one of you to watch a movie called ‘YES Man’, featuring the all-time favorite Jim Carrey. It is a fun movie, will help you understand the point I am trying to make here.  And chances are that most of you must have seen it and loved every bit of it too, you must have sat and thought to yourself ‘saying yes to everything sure seems exciting!’ but never had the guts to do it. try it, trust me, you will love it!

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