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Pleasures of Reading: Books Vs E-books?


Time has changed. We have moved far from our lifestyle habits that we used to practice as a child. The new generation is fonder of gadgets and the related stuff. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the love for reading.

We all love to read some or the other topic of interest. But with changing times the reading pattern has changed, be it reading a newspaper or a book by your favourite author, quite a few of us are preferring e reading. They give reasons for various benefits from it such as we can access content from anywhere, it is easily accessible, e-books are much cheaper than actual books etc. etc. etc. As soon as we get up, the first thing we now do is to check our cell phones. And then access the various apps. Then mostly those who love to read would start reading while travelling. But the trend is increasing for e reading as if it has become cool to e read all stuff.


I would definitely agree to all the advantages and benefits of the e reading for its gaining popularity at such a huge momentum. Honestly, even I tried reading e book for a novel once a few months ago. It was then I decided to prefer books over e books, for the huge satisfaction reading books provide in comparison to latter.  After completing that e book (it took me more than few weeks- it is not the case with me), when I again started to read from book I realized the effect on me.

I would like to put the points in favor of reading books so that you could realize them and hopefully understand the real pleasures of reading.

Away from this world:

Book lovers would definitely agree to this fact. They take you to a new different world, a story in which you are completely engrossed and we almost live with it. We began to sympathize with our favourite character as we are related to the person, as if he/she is real.

But the advantage of reading books over e-books is that if you are reading an e-book you are still connected to the world, you are not completely into the story. Supposedly you are reading a pdf on your phone, every time your phone rings you will be prompted to pick it up or check the messages, check facebook notifications etc.

Away from Social networking sites:

This is my favourite pleasure and the reason I prefer Books over e-books. Just try it once. I bet you’ll also agree to the fact. For a day you have decided to read just sit at a place where there is natural light, keep your gadgets far away and on a silent mode. And then enjoy reading the book with your favourite cup of coffee. You won’t even know when the time has passed without you being hooked on Whatsapp, facebook or twitter.

We all want a break from social sites but the thing is we do not realize this fact. Reading books will definitely make you realize the fact and in turn helping you to live more meaningful life.


ebookvsbook     1176349_528131280600885_1797543131_n

Each and every book lover will definitely swear by these pleasures of reading. You can’t enjoy any of them with your gadget around. We all love the smell of book, don’t we? The beautiful and enriching smell of the pages tempting you to read it, the feel of unfurling of pages much better than scrolling the book are all reasons for going for books rather than e books. And lastly enjoying coffee with no fear of gadget being around is a reason.

Concentration-Improving reading habit- More satisfaction:

Books help in improving concentration in turn leading to improving reading habit and giving more satisfaction. While reading e books you need time to relax in between for the continuous stare at screen, but the books don’t have any such problem and you can read them at a stretch. While e reading some people have also experienced words floating as a result of prolonged exposure of eyes to screen.

Less strain on eyes and body on a whole:

Strain on eyes and numbness on fingers is many tablets holders complaint. The strain in eyes is reduced to much greater extent after the use of gadget is reduced. I have personally experienced this benefit. Thus reading books even keep your fitness in find along with mental health.

Understanding life and living a better one:


Books help us to understand characters better. After reading quite a few books you’ll surely realize the fact that you are able to understand others better. We are able to learn the psychology behind actions and also improve as a person. Inspiring stories even help us to move forward with confidence. It teaches us to be alone and strive forward to achieve what we desire.

Last but not the least, Reading books teaches you to be alone, live without gadgets (at least for some time) and live a full and richer life away from the bug of social network pressure.

Next time you wish to read, get the books from library or buy them and then in true measures enjoy the pleasures of reading.

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