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Play to win or don’t play at all


“Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.”

–  Charles Stanley


Confidence is something that is required by people in almost everything they face in their life. Be it sports, work, relationship etc. Everything requires confidence. Once you are confident about yourself you automatically will get the courage to face things in life and will stop being afraid of failure.

As it was said by Franklin. D. Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear is the fear itself”.

This saying is absolutely true and once we start being afraid of fear our courage will rise up and also will our confidence.

It is not an easy task to achieve but once it is achieved there is nothing and no one stopping you.

Confidence is something that is built over time. There are some people to whom confidence comes quite naturally without trying too hard and there are also some who are over-confident and end up nowhere in their life.

Confident people know what they are doing and what they have to do in order to achieve their target. They dedicate their time and energy towards achieving those and they also proceed with confidence whereas on the other over-confident people are those who know what they have to do but they choose to ignore the fact that they need to work for it in order to achieve it, they believe that they will be able to achieve their targets without doing anything. This attitude will only get you so far.

Striving towards your goal without fear and complete belief in yourself is something we all need to work on. Being confident is a very important aspect in life as it is required in almost everything we do.

The title of this article i.e. “Play to win or don’t play at all” suggests that whatever we do in our life, we must proceed towards it with such determination and confidence that we have to win. Even if for the slightest of moment we doubt our abilities then it is as good as not trying for it.

The title here signifies that whatever we do, we must do it with utmost passion and dedication else it is as good as not doing itself.

Here is a short story that will throw a little more light on the fact that how much self-confidence in a person matters and also how mentally you also must be prepared for it.


“It was 6 in the morning and Max was up doing his warm-up exercises as he had his cricket match in a couple of hours. The entire team was there and so was Max. The coach instructed the team to go for a couple of rounds of the field before the match commenced just to get a little more loosened up.

After taking the rounds Max and his team met the coach in their dressing room. The coach told them that today’s match was a very important match. He told them that they needed to play with confidence to win this one. The opponents were the undefeated champs of the tournament and were the only thing standing between them and their victory cup. Everyone agreed to it and they all were feeling very pumped up. Max too was there but his hand was kept on his right pocket and he was saying to himself that he could it and he will do it. In his right pocket was a picture of one of his deity’s. He believed that as long as his photo remains with him in the pocket there is nothing that is impossible for him to achieve. Filled with complete confidence and faith he along with his team proceeded towards the match.

Everything went as planned; they were able to easily defeat the opponents and were declared as champs. Max had scored a century and he completely credited his coach and also his deity for his performance.

After a couple of weeks there were selections for the national level cricket team. Best cricketers from all the schools had come to try their luck. Even Max was there. It was difficult to get into the national team but Max knew that as long his deity’s picture is in his pocket with him he will be able to give his best and get into the team. The selections started and they were on for a couple of weeks before the announced the final 14 of the national cricket team.

Max had performed very well in all the aspects and was quite sure that he would be selected.

Tomorrow was the final day, the selectors had divided the players into two groups and the groups had to play against each other. This was the final selection and a lot depended on this. Max was a little tensed but he knew that he would manage.

The day arrived and Max reached the ground a couple of hours prior to the match for his warm-up exercises. The selectors and a couple of his friends had already reached. Max finished his warm-up exercises and proceeded towards the ground with his team. He knew it was a big day for him; he touched his right pocket and told himself that today was the day he would perform like his life depended on it.

As the match progressed Max did keep up to his word and played like his life depended on it. The selectors were more than impressed by his performance at the end of the day and also his name did come up in the top 14 of the national cricket team.

Max was very happy; it was the best day of his life. On reaching home he put his hand in his right pocket and it was empty, Max was shocked as to what had happened and where had the photo gone. He then remembered that the photo was in his cupboard and he had forgotten to take it with him to the selections.

Max then understood that the photo being there in the pocket was only psychological, he just needed something that hold onto so as to boost his level of confidence. Everything until now was achieved only because of his abilities all he needed was to have a little more faith in himself and things would automatically fall in their places. He understood that no matter what his deity will always be there with him all he needed was confidence in him to achieve whatever he needed to.

He began to believe in his abilities and realized that only thing he needed was a little more self-confidence.

When he left with his national cricket team for their tour to play he left his deity’s picture at home saying that he finally got the confidence he needed.”



Believe in yourself and then proceed towards your goals. You will see wonders in your results once you start having faith in yourself. The proverb “God helps those who help themselves” is quite rightly said. Nothing in this world can be achieved without confidence.

All we need is to work towards our target with complete dedication and focus that we are going to achieve it no matter what. If you have that attitude in life you’ll reach heights which only other dream of. Work in such a that you have to succeed and play in a such a way that you have to win else do not do it at all.


“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.”

–  Marie Curie

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