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Play It Like Pirlo


For those who have no idea, Andrea Pirlo is an Italian international football player. He is an important play-maker for his side and his playing spirit has not only earned him respect from all over the world but made him an idol for many. But the reason he holds particular significance in this article is because of his age. At thirty five years of age, Pirlo is not just withstanding the competition from younger talents in the game, but making his presence felt among them.

He is someone whom anyone from young aspirants to adults can look up to. Though it may be too late for any adult to be a part of the football world now but that is not the point. How many thirty five year old people do you know who go beyond a morning walk as their daily quota of physical activity? Yes obviously as life goes on these things are pushed to the background and other responsibilities like family and job take the hold of life. But more often than not, these things in the background are completely forgotten. Everybody from teenagers absorbed in studies to adults absorbed in life need to know, you can get through your day with your job but you need physical activities to get through your life. As they say, health is wealth.

9 to 5 life

The first one of the countless benefits of physical activities – that doesn’t even need too much telling – is countering obesity. When sitting on a couch all day is the problem, standing up is the solution. Physical activities are without doubt the best solution for treating obesity as well as preventing obesity. The more the intensity of activity, the better it is. While walking for an hour burns only 246 calories, playing football burns almost double of it, that is, 493. And even more, basketball burns 563 calories in an hour. Burning calories not only fights off obesity but also helps against diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that helps body to withdraw energy from food we eat. In diabetic patients this insulin is either not produced or produced in a low amount. Sports make it easier for body to use the insulin produced.

Some other obvious benefits of sports include building stamina and endurance (the ability of body to perform in condition of fatigue). It reduces body fat and helps to keep weight in check and also improves cholesterol makeup of the person’s bloodstream. Most importantly, it makes the person fit and does wonders to his physique, which automatically induces a large amount of confidence in him. Sports reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in a person by making the blood flow easier and placing lower strain on the heart. Sports also improve the quality of sleep as a tired body enjoys a sound sleep. And in what can be considered as not-so-obvious benefits, physical activities reduce the risk of osteoporosis or breast cancer.

This was all about the physical health benefits of sports. What about the mental ones? Sports have a lot to offer as well when it comes to psychological advantages. The most obvious under this term would be recreation. Who doesn’t get tired of sitting at the same place all day, mugging some notes or completing a file? The mind almost refuses to work and at that time, sports come to the rescue, offering recreation. They refresh the mind and rejuvenate it for further effort and hence reduce the person’s stress. Be it watching a sport or participating in it, they manage to get any person excited and help cope with depression. Other benefits of sports include the competitive spirit it generates which is needed in the world out there, the will to win which is always a drive force behind a person’s success, learning to trust, because an individual always needs people he can rely on and also learning the value of team effort, which will often be required.

Benefits of Sports

In no way are physical activities are just a waste of time today. They never were, it’s us who have been late to see the advantages they offer. Be it a ten year old kid or a forty year old adult, some sort of physical activity is not only advisable for him but needed by him. There are men playing at international level at an age at which most people prefer to sit back and relax. So it’s definitely possible for adults sitting at home to take up some physical sport as a hobby. Dear adults, for the sake of your body take up a game which you are comfortable with and participate in it actively. Dear teenagers and kids, for the sake of your healthy future and saving yourself from a boring life, take up a game and play it like Pirlo, until it has had enough of you. There is as much fun in playing as there is in watching. The only difference is while watching improves your mood, playing improves your mood as well as the rest of you.

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