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Pimple Problems


The most marketable feature of a person is his face. It reflects your confidence, nature, attractiveness and some strangers even develop trust judging by the way a person looks. In other words, face is the feature by which a person is judged. Hence having a healthy face indicates you have a good lifestyle. Majority of the cosmetic products are committed to this service only. Face-wash, Scrub, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Fairness creams, Lotions; the cosmetic industry knows what to target. They know that face is surely the most groomed feature of any person. However it too faces some troubles that are not easy to get rid of. And of all the problems that include tanning, blackheads, dark circles; the most common and the most frustrating will be none other than the pimple problem.


They are always unexpected. A long excitement for some event is thrashed when on the very day itself you discover your face occupied by a pimple. Pesky pimples and annoying acne just before you are to head out for a big event are more than just an extra dab of concealer on your face. They instantly crush your mood and make you less attractive. You become camera conscious, shy away from people and frankly, the event is ruined. However, all your skin does is reflect your internal health, so if you are breaking out regularly in the same spots, maybe your body is giving you a message you are failing to understand. Here’s what it could be possibly saying to you.

If your chin becomes the victim of pimples frequently, you should know that the chin is the hotspot for hormonal acne. The best thing to do would be to get a checkup for imbalances and eat as much of Omega 3 food as you can, for example salmon, walnuts etc. Also heavy, greasy food and snacking before bedtime should be avoided. If the pimples are on your neck, it signifies either hormonal imbalances or that your body is fighting against some bacteria to avoid illness. So, preferably get a quick medical checkup, drink plenty of water during the day and avoid any kind of personal or professional stress. Make sure to wash your neck frequently and keep this zone clear of sweat or dirt.

If you have a habit of sitting or lying with your chin resting on your hands, you may be prone to pimples along the jawline. The very first thing to do will be to keep your hands off your face. Apart from this, pimples along the jawline also signify poor dental health. Brush twice a day, floss and use a mouthwash to keep that in check. Stock up on your probiotic drinks to ease your digestion.

The probable causes of pimples breaking out on forehead are stress and weak digestive system. There are many steps to follow if that is the case. Try to include some simple stress-busters in your life like adequate sleep, meditation and also have some free time just to relax. Drink lots of water, green tea and eat fiber-rich food to aid your digestion and help the digestive system get stronger. Cut down on refined sugar, junk food and carbonated beverages to help it further.

The most common region for pimples to breakout are a person’s cheeks. If you breakout often here, your unclean cellphone screen or pillow covers may be to blame, anything your cheeks are in contact with often. This zone represents the lungs. So if you are a smoker now would be a good time to cut down on the smoking for a while and get some fresh air. And also for the foodie (or junk foodie instead), avoiding junk food and intake of too much sugar is going to help as well.

Avoid Junk Food

As irritating as pimples may be, they can be treated easily. These tips may still not get you away from the untimely shock of pimples, but they will surely help you against those that pop up regularly and on the same spots. Just a few simple steps and precautions can free us of their regular arrival. A fact that always goes unnoticed is that the only harm they do is making the person a little less attractive. Hence it would never be an issue to put off the use of pimple fighting cosmetic creams and find out whether the simple tips mentioned are worth following every time.

Compared to the other ones that we go through, pimple problem is almost nothing. And with such simple tips as well as cosmetic creams available at hand all times, it becomes an issue not worth worrying about at all. Still for those who make a big deal out of it and having a pimple at a party is as worse as having no pimple but no party, remember even though face of a person is something everyone goes by, a pimple has no no role to play in forming that judgement. No one judges another person based on whether he has pimples or not and hence the next time you regard pimple as a problem, know that others just consider it another feature on your face.

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