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How to pick up good sunglasses


Most of the people buy sunglasses to look good, smart and attractive personality. But they do not know the importance of sunglasses. They work as your eye guard from various unwanted foreign particles, which can damage your eyes. And so it is necessary to buy good sunglasses which will not only add up the confidence in you and even protect your precious eyes from great discomfort or damage. Now it is a bit heavy work to search for the perfect, comfortable, protective and durable sunglasses. And not just this, sunglasses should have clear visibility too or else blur visibility can lead to some harm.

Eye protection

eye protection

The most basic task of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from unwanted particles. Not only from particles, have these sunglasses also needed to cure your eyes from harsh UV radiations emitted from sun. UV radiations are very harmful for your eyes. These radiations can lead to many dangerous diseases like burns, cataracts and even cancer. Basically your sunglasses should protect your eyes from both types of UV radiation’s that is UVA radiation and UVB radiation. Your sunglasses should block at least 99% in UVB radiation case whereas 95% in UVA radiations case. After knowing this, you should not go for those sunglasses which do not provide any information regarding its protection against UV rays.

Sunglasses design


Now the market is flooded with different types of sunglasses. They come in many different shapes, in many different sizes and in many different colors as well. In fact you can even give order for sunglasses to be made as per design, color, pattern, size and other requirements. But still the most famous designs in sunglasses which became the center of everyone’s attraction are; Mirrorshades (which have mirror coating on its surface and is mostly used by police officers of US), Wayfarers or Spicolis (was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast in the year 1961 and gained popularity in 1950’s and 1960’s), Aviators (these glasses are mostly picked up by the pilots, military personnel and law enforcement personnel of US, it have teardrop shape lens with very thin metal frame wrapping it), Wraparounds (used by athletics or extreme sports person), Oversized (picked up divas, models, film stars etc) and last but not the least Teashades (these glasses cannot be picked for protection purpose but gained popularity because of Ozzy Osbourne and John Lennon).While trying different sunglasses make sure that the sunglass you choose fits properly on your face and is not making you feel uncomfortable or giving you pain at some edges. Sunglasses should not be heavy because your ears and nose will not be able handle the weight of the sunglasses for long time and ultimately you have to remove them. The lens of the sunglass should not touch the eye lashes.

Smartly choose your lens color

coloured lens

The lens color of the sunglasses should be chosen properly. Different lens colors go with different atmosphere and so it is necessary to pick up the lens color contrast as per the scenario. Like if wear sunlight shades at night then you will be unable to have vision. And so you need to have different color lens glasses to suit different situations and backgrounds. Now a days sunglasses come with different types of lens with it which can changed as per the demand. So like this, you should choose your sunglasses. It is always better to go for sunglasses pack which contains various interchangeable lenses. Now different colors in lens do different works, like grey color lenses do not affect the contrast or deviate colors but do reduce the color intensity, brown color lenses provides benefits in snow sports and hunting activities since it block some part of blue light, yellow color lenses blocks the major part of blue light and so it is mostly picked up while going for hunting and highly adventurous activities but you should never go for yellow lens while driving because they distorts the color contrast, red lenses are also good for hunters and snow sports person, violet lenses again can be picked by hunters especially when the background is green color, copper color lenses dominate the grass and sky against the golf ball and in the last blue and green color lenses exaggerates the contrast with the yellow tennis ball.

Good quality lens

Now it is very important to check the durability of sunglasses lens. The lenses which can be easily broken or get scratches easily are useless one. You should be careful in choosing good quality sunglasses. Now basically the sunglasses can be of four different materials that is NXT polyurethane, Glass, Polycarbonate and Acrylic. Glass sunglasses are heavy and very expensive and on falling they are broken in spider shape. Polycarbonate is not so expensive material but does not provide clear vision. Along with that scratches can be easily made on such sunglasses. Acrylic material sunglasses are very affordable but they do not provide clear vision at all and they are not durable too. So finally NXT polyurethane material is considered to be the best material for sunglasses lens manufacturing, they resist scratches to a great extent along with that they provide a really vision.


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