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Are You A Phone Freak?


Do you love your phone? Do you spend a lot of time using your phone? Well, I know lots of people who would say absolutely yes to that! Don’t worry. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something to worry about, though. We all know what side effects phones can have on a human body. But, the question of the day is- Do you try and protect yourself from the possible side effects of a phone?

We live a busy life. More than half of the time, we are either talking to someone on the phone via text/call or working on the phone- sending emails, contacting people and so on. So, yes, I agree that phones are a major part of our lives. But, I feel that not many of us are aware of the side effects that a phone can possibly have. First of all, I am talking about cell phones or mobile phones. They release radiations that are harmful for our health. The effect of a cell phone on the human body is a subject that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The radiations from a cell phone have been termed as possibly carcinogenic; which means that they can possibly be cancerous! Though they has not been proof about the side effects of a phone, precautions should be taken.

First of all, you should know whether you are a phone freak or not:

1) Do you love talking/texting?

2) Do you spend most of your time glued to your phone?

3) Do you sleep with your phone next to your pillow?

4) Do you get hyper if someone takes your phone for more than a minute or so?

5) Do you like trying new applications and update phone regularly so that it works as fast as it can?

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, I’d say you are a phone freak. You phone freaks need to take care of yourselves. I know how important your phone are to you all. But, you need to take certain precautions so that your head doesn’t blow up the next time you are talking to someone on the phone (not literally!)

Here is a list of things you can do to avoid those cell phone radiations as much as you can:

1) Do not sleep with phone near the pillow

Break this habit. Keep your phone on charge in a different corner of the room. Or, keep it on a table somewhere. If you have to put an alarm, put your phone on airplane mode and then keep it next on your bedside table. Your phone is constantly sending signals to the antenna. So, never think that just because you are not using your phone, it is not working.

2) Do not keep your phone in your pockets in proximity to your body

Do not move around the whole day with your phone in your shirt pocket or the pocket of your trousers. It is not healthy and it is very dangerous. Keep your phone in your bag. All phone manuals say there should be a difference of 5/8th of an inch or 15 mm between the phone and the body.

3) Avoid long conversations on the phone

You must have noticed how the ear overheats when you talk for a really long time. That is the body’s signal on how the phone is affecting the body. So, avoid long conversations on the phone. If you absolutely HAVE to talk for a long time, please use earphones. Also, keep the earphones clean so as to avoid any kind of ear infection. Never use bluetooth for the same.

4) Don’t make calls in a train, elevator or car

Many times we think that since we are freely sitting in a car or train, we can make the calls that we have to. Please do not do this. When you make a call in a car, train or an elevator, the surroundings act like a microwave oven (since they all are made of steel). This makes the radiowaves bang with the walls and reflect back. This intensifies the radiation.

5) Choose texting over talking

We might prefer talking on the phone, since texting can seem like such an effort (specially because of auto correct). But, for the health safety, it is better that you text instead of call. This is because texting will help yo avoid putting the phone on your ear. This helps in preventing any damage to the soft tissues around the ear.

6) Do not give your phone to small kids

Never give your phone to small children. Not even for playing. The skull of children in quite soft and the radiations travel through the head of the child. This is very harmful for the child. So, please refrain. It is better to be safe than sorry.

7) Don’t use your phone for calls on low battery

When the phone is surviving on low battery, it sends extra signals to the antenna so that you get connectivity. This means more harmful radiations. So, it is preferred that you refrain from using your phone on low battery.

Be safe and do not get your freak on!!


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