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We Are the Perfect Two


“Because you’re the apple to my pie, you’re the straw to my berry. You’re the smoke to my high, and you’re the one I wanna marry”


This song is my current favorite and I just can’t stop singing it all day all night. Pardon me for sounding very silly and mushy throughout this article but let’s talk about love. Let’s talk about finding that one person out of the 7 billion people in this world who is just perfect for you, who is the one for you.

We meet so many people every-day, see so many new faces around us, in our school, on the streets, at work or in clubs and malls. Some of them click with us instantly while with some we take a little time to hit the right chord and ultimately it’s all about finding that special one for you. But when there are so many people out there then how are we supposed to know that which the right one is.

Well I cannot write a “how to find the right one” guide for you over here but I guess we all just have to figure it out on our own. I believe that I have figured mine out. Of course I love him and he loves me back but it takes a lot more than that to be the perfect two. It requires the two people to reach a whole new level of understanding and gratitude towards each other. No it doesn’t mean that there are no fights or arguments ever but there is affection for each other always, also while getting on the other person’s nerve. The respect for the other person which very much stays there even while they are deliberately trying to piss each other off! Believe me, that’s fun too!

perfect two

The Perfect Two need not to have similar personalities or same ambitions but it’s about how well synchronized their personalities are. One can be a total nerd while the other can be a party freak but when they are with each other, it’s nothing less than magic! Talking of myself my perfect one and I somehow share the same level of craziness and wackiness. Yes a relationship is about love and romance but it’s not just that. The fun, the spontaneity, the insanity is also very much necessary. And not forgetting to mention, an incredible sense of comfort, that one is very important.

A lot of people stay confused between infatuation and love. They believe they are in love with somebody while they are just mesmerized by the idea of being in love or they are just attracted towards that person. A lot of people also keep neglecting or never give it a thought while they have already met and know their perfect one but haven’t realized it yet. Finding the perfect one can be quite a daunting task and if you keep laying too much stress over it, it keeps becoming more infuriating. But if you let it happen on its own then someday you will find the perfect one for you, who will look at you like you are magic. Who will want to spend not just the good days with you but will also be willing to be a part of your bad ones. That kind of a person will be the perfect one for you.

perfect two 3

I believe that somewhere out there, there is always a right person for us, who makes us realize why it never worked with anybody else. With him or her everything feels just different and different in a good way. You two can be actually comfortable with each other even in silence and at times you can go whole night endlessly talking to each other. One minute you can be fighting and bickering and the next minute you are completely head over heels for the other person. And no matter what the situation is, the perfect two are always insanely in love.

Oh I love being in love. I love having somebody whom I can call mine. I love being with him and I love when people look at us and smile. When they say oh you two! I feel happy and proud and lucky, really lucky to have found my other half. It’s like finally finding the missing puzzle piece. And we all have that missing puzzle piece hidden somewhere. It just takes a little more finding for some people but eventually it happens.

perfect two 4

The perfect two might not look perfect together. One might be too tall and the other be too short. One might be fair as snow white while the other can be quite dusky. But it’s about how they are with each other, how they feel when they are together. Does being together make them so happy that every other thing seems too insignificant? If yes then they are the perfect two. They are meant to be with each other and the whole universe will conspire to make it happen, to bring them together so that they can create a perfect tale of love.

“Because you’re the one for me (for me), and I’m the one for you (for you). You take the both of us (of us), and we’re the perfect two”

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