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The Perfect Summer Diet


diet for body detoxification

What are the first few words that come to our mind when we hear the word summer? Sun, sunglasses, lotions, UV protection, fruits, juices, ice and so on. Well as far as food is concerned in summers we have so many healthy, juicy, fresh and delicious options to be eaten. It is always advisable to go for seasonal fruits of that season. Some the summer fruits and vegetables which have secret health benefits are mentioned below:

Okay so now I am going to use some complicated terms called lutein and zeaxanthin. Don’t worry the said names are not of aliens but of anti-oxidants present in corn. These two act as natural sunglasses as they help in forming macular pigment which helps in fighting against the harmful UV rays. This prevents the cause of early blindness in people aged around 60. As it is I love corns, baby corns and sweet corns, good to know that they are so beneficial and for all of you, who make faces before eating corns, start eating it.

Iced Coffee:
This one got to be my favorite. Iced coffee is said to prevent the chances of skin cancer occurring in women. According to a study done, women drinking caffeinated coffee everyday have approximately 10% lower risk of getting nonmelanoma skin cancer than those who don’t. When trying to conclude about decaffeinated coffee, strangely the results were different. Now next time you are having your morning coffee, feel happy that you are 10% less prone than non-coffee takers.

We are not denying the fact that nothing replaces a layer of sunscreen lotion and a pair of sunglasses when you are out in the sun but tomatoes too give that extra protection against the same. We all love tomatoes in purees, curries but do we know why are they red and what is the significance of the red color! For all those who don’t know this, Lycopene is the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red. Lycopene protects the body from sunburn and it has been proved in several studies. Now that it is fact, we should consuming more of it in summers.

No other fruit is as refreshing, juicy and delicious as watermelons. Unlike the common perception that watermelons are only made up of water and sugar, they actually contain fibers, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It has a lot of healing qualities and the capacity to fight breathing problems like Asthma. It cures blood pressure issues and provides with cancer prevention. Also it helps in digestion, cures inflammation, prevents skin problems and most importantly hydrates the body.

Iced Tea:
A cup of iced tea on a hot summer day is such a relief. Sipping your iced tea sounds so refreshing but did we also know that it is so healthy specially this summer. Otherwise as well it has so many medicinal benefits. Drinking iced tea regularly reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Besides these dangerous and difficult to cure diseases it also strengthens your gums, teeth and bones. Seeing those monotonous tea commercials by now you must have learnt about the word flavonoids. Iced tea when freshly brewed, powers these flavonoids which are body essential antioxidants. Adding citrus flavors like lime or orange juice to your iced tea retains the flavonoids for a longer time in it.

Cucumbers have been the most easily available vegetables of all the above listed natural products. If you eat a cup of cut cucumbers (95% water content) it is equivalent to a glass of water that quenches your thirst. It has a good content of fibers and Vitamin C. Traditionally we include cucumbers in our salads but it is better to include them in regular dishes like pickles, dips and soups.

Raspberries, the beautiful and juicy fruit are a source famous for its fiber content and taste. It helps in lowering the cholesterol content of our body. It has been found out that one cup of raspberries has 8 grams of fibers and helps in reducing fat.

A recent study from New Zealand showed that blueberries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants that help in removing muscle fatigue developed due to intense exercising. So eat your blueberries as much as you can, for they are extremely yum and healthy.

So next time you hit your grocery store, you know what to buy for your summer diet. Hopefully this list helps you in choosing the right items to consume. Happy Summers fellas!!

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