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The Peculiarity of Being Different


In this world of 7.2 billion people (approx.) [data from United States Census bureau], every person is at least slightly different from all others. However, on a more general level people find common characteristics and group themselves according to them. This commonness is the basis of religion, caste, race, creed, gender, class etc. Moreover, people do differ from each other in terms of physical appearance.

Whatever is the case with the general attitude and belief systems defined by people across the World; there is a general tendency to stick to a particular kind of organization within them, which is termed as society. All of us are taught to be a part of the society from the very first moment of development of our discretional abilities. “Man is a social animal” is perhaps the most heard statement of all time. Hence, it’s very readily understood that a person is identified on the basis of the society he/she belongs to and the attributes he/she has acquired because of that.

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Our society wants us to behave in a certain way, walk on a convention, live according to norms. Most of us choose to follow the path of ‘crowd’, some others don’t. These are the people who change the World, bring progress and become a legend. The fact that such people are less in numbers, in whatever field we choose to talk about leads us to think about how do they develop such skills.

being different

Experts tell there is no particular way to tell if a person is ‘different’ from others in the society but it reflects in the way they conduct themselves and the thought processes that go on in their minds. We are not able to coin a trend in people being different from one another because there is very less similarity in them being different. If thought of deeply, it can be analyzed that in fact, it is for the greater good that we aren’t able to trace any ‘commonness’ with respect to this aspect.


In today’s age, when every other student goes on to pursue engineering or medical, people who think out of the box are very few in numbers. This is a problem especially in our country since ours is a large population, talented human resource undoubtedly, but fewer opportunities in fields other than the conventional ones. This is the reason why students who opt for something different, something away from the path have to gather a lot of courage and calculate a number of risks to begin. However, as I have already said this is what makes the world different for us. The people who are different, and think differently bring an inevitable change to the world every time they think and act. That is why excellence is often considered to be the cup of tea of ‘unconventional’. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is regarded as one of the most intelligent and genius detective characters in the world of fiction because of his ‘different’ way of solving cases, that is through deductive reasoning. We start loving an actor and make him a ‘star’ because we are in the awe of one of his particular styles, others don’t possess. We listen to stories about a particular senior in the school who even after scoring 95% took to a course other than the highly looked upon sciences. We admire the writers who have a ‘twist’ in their writings. All of this is a proof of how human race is awestruck by something, which reaches above it, something unusual.

One who is different doesn’t seek to find solace in the World, or comfort even. They usher into newer places seeking adventure, not in its literal sense but a more symbolical one. This also gives birth to curiosity, which in turn leads to innovations of the greatest nature. The wonders an ‘out of the box’ thinker can do to the World lies in the example of World’s one of the largest corporations ‘Google’. When its founders thought about it, they thought about a software which would combine all the World’s knowledge at one place and the time expected to be taken for this task was a grand 300 years!! The level of imagination, the passion needed to stand out and the capability to present to the World what was too different from any of its conventional paths is what led Google to become what today it is. Again, it is considered one of the topmost organizations in terms of employee-friendliness. This is so because Google has devised a number of ideas just to make its employees work better in better conditions and give their best. Not only this, the very fact that Google thought of a far more humane way to get its employees’ efficiency to be the highest when other organizations were looking upon ideas to maximize profit is what makes Google standout.


The above is just an example of how ‘being different’ and before that ‘thinking different’ can be helpful for the World as well as individuals. Hence, it is very important for a person to believe in him or herself, and aspire to be different rather than successful. After all, it is the moon that stands out, rather than the stars.

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