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Ever since the human settlements came into existence, marriages have been given the position of the strongest bond on the planet and an unbreakable one. Marriage is considered and stated to be one of the oldest institutions of humankind. But with the emerging world, this flame of marriage is dwindling in the reality. The tallow […]

‘Nails’ It!

On May 26, 2014

So, are you one of those females who just love their hands? Who would scream out in happiness when they see this bright, shiny, glamorous looking bottle called nail polish, in their favorite color? Ar

In earlier times managing hairs was not a difficult task because in those times hairs do not have to face pollution and harsh sunrays. But now a day the scenario is a bit different, your hairs have to tackle sun damage, pollution and dirt damage which leads to hair falls and dandruff. And so it […]
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