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Organizing Your Life


Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mix up. The chaos, uncertainty and frustration of life are bound to follow your trail lest you make it vanish. There is plenty you can do and have scope to be done if you have an organized life, outlook, perspective. If your surroundings and your tasks are organized, so will be your brain.

  1. Making Lists

The best and most initial step is to start making lists of anything and everything. You wish to go shopping? Make a list of things you have to buy and avoid spending more time and money at the mall! Got a lot of work from work place? Make a list and prioritize! Ah, what a blessing – the lists.

  1. Don’t waste time

And as easy is naming this point a ‘Don’t Waste Time’ point, so is following it if you start making schedules and pointing out deadlines before which you must finish a particular work. But then, making these schedules and deadlines is one thing and following them is a whole different point all together.

  1. Watch what you say and stick to your word

This would make you keep a check on boasting or promising more than what you can initially do or comply for. If you make a schedule or a list or mark deadlines, work your best to stick to them and finish particular tasks in these time limits. That would be a giant leap from your disorganized self to a more organized self.

  1. Procrastination is your enemy

Take it as if Procrastination is an evil alien trying to take over every thing you own to every thing you plan. It will eventually bring you down much more than you anticipate. Procrastination sounds and feels easy but the after effects might even have you on your knees, crying. You don’t want that, do you?

As the longer you wait for something, the more difficult it will be in the end to get it done. If you want your life to be less stressful, putting in the efforts to get things done as soon as possible is worth while.

  1. Things have a home too!

Organizing Your Life 1

Now, we all get how convenient it is to leave the bag just on the table as you get in home and not on shelf or in cupboard but really, is this the way? How does storing things properly and labeling the storage space sound to you? You sure have a name plate outside the home, don’t you? And also, you make sure you don’t get lost and enter just your home and not every other home in the lane, right?

  1. Observe when it gets too much

Now, my friend, what if you find that your time is short and schedule is full? Would you panic? Stress out? How about considering to drop the less important things from your daily plans? Is that coffee date with your friends really necessary today? How about your plans to work on your work assignment outside of your work hours? If you are doing too many things at once, you will feel unorganized and anxiety prone, so, cancel the plans when necessary to give your head a little more much needed thinking space!

  1. Re-organizing

Start from re-organizing a single place. Keep the important stuff and throw out the junk, set a place for everything.

If the mess is too much, how about starting from small spaces, for instance, a drawer! Empty out the contents of the drawer and wipe it clean, now start going through the contents, keep what you think is important and would be needed in near future, discard things that are not at all important or are irrelevant. About the things you can not seem to put in either of the before mentioned categories – put them in a separate bag until you clear out other stuff. Now place the useful contents back in drawer – this is where dividers come into use. You can set separate areas in drawer for separate kind of things and Voila! You are done with one thing! Continue with other small and big parts of your home too!

The perks of following all these points is that you save money, making lists would lead you to saving money on late fees and interest rates if build up a good system of tracking and managing your bills.

You will have more space than usual, since re-organizing would include discarding all the unwanted items, thus making a lot of space for a lot more things you might need, purchase or relocate.

There will definitely be a lot of work when you start cleaning for the first time but we all know how less an effort it would take for you to take on this same task the next time! Time Saving, people, and here it is!

Since you have an organized house, also, impromptu visits by friends and family will never be embarrassing again since, you will have your home spic and span always.

All this will also lead to a sense of control, thus building up a nice confidence level in you, improving you r personality manifolds!

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