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One Stop Solution For Hair Problems


We have always seen people struggling to find the right shampoo or the right conditioner for their hair. People have had hair issues since ages. The endless number of commercials on television confuses the people and everyone keeps wondering what to do to get their hair in the best of shape. The various shampoo brands offer different solutions for different hair problems; be it hairfall, hairloss, dandruff issues, rough hair, split ends and grey hair or something else.

These are fruitful, no doubt, but these are certainly not enough. Believe me or not, just like a healthy body needs healthy food supplements, your hair also craves for foods and nutrients. The type of your hair, its nature, thickness and other properties are something that you get from your ancestors through inheritance but the state of your hair and its maintenance depends on how good your diet is. Once you take a good nutritious diet, all your hair problems are bound to vanish.


Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Proteins: The basic constituent of hair is proteins. Thus it is highly necessary to have a protein rich diet in order maintain the right protein levels. If there is protein deficiency, you may face hair fall problems as your hair becomes weak and brittle. Eat a protein rich diet. The foods with high protein content are eggs, fish, lean meat, dairy products; for the vegans, try nuts, legumes etc.

Iron: We know that deficiency of iron causes anaemia. And this disorder causes your hair to break down. Falling of iron levels, serum ferritin, affects the hair follicle. Iron is thus a very important part of your diet. Eat a lot of green veggies like spinach and broccoli and also red meat helps the cause.

Vitamins: Your hair gets its natural oil called sebum due to the action of sebaceous glands which works as your natural conditioner. Vitamin A facilitates this production of Sebum. So make sure your eat carrots and apples! We already know how important iron is, and Vitamin C helps in the absorption of Irons in your body. Eat a lot of citrus fruits and get Vitamin C. it helps in collagen production which gives prevents your hair from breaking. Our hair is sensitive to sun just like our skin is. Vitamin E protects your hair from sun rays, prevents breakage and repairs damaged hair. Eat a lot of nuts.

Biotin: Biotin is a Vitamin B complex which is soluble in water. It improves your scalp health. Biotin rich foods are whole grains, liver, eggs, soy flour and oats.

Minerals: Minerals like zinc, selenium and silica are very important for hair as they strengthen the hair. Lack of zinc result in flaky scalp. Foods rich in mineral content include beef, eggs, beans, cucumber, oysters, pumpkin seeds etc.

Iodine: Have a proper balance of iodine in your diet as iodine helps your prevent thyroid. And thyroid results in hair fall.

Top Foods For Healthy Hair!


Here is a look at some the foods that you must consume if you want to have the “best” hair!


The most nutritious type of nuts is the walnut. Walnuts are rich sources of iron and vitamin E. They repair hair damage and facilitate hair growth. It gives natural colour to your hair. You can have walnut oil in your morning salads or use it as an alternative for sunflower oils.


Enhance your diet with mineral rich food. And oysters are perhaps the best source these minerals. They are high in zinc content. We already discussed that lack of zinc cause hair loss. Sometimes it could cause your eyelashes to fall off! So boost up your diet with oysters. In case the oysters are unavailable, you can try the alternatives such as nuts or eggs.


A lack of protein rich diet results in weak hair and there is certainly no better source of protein than fish. Salmon, a variety of fish, gives you optimum benefits in this regard. They are also rich in Omega-3 which helps in hydrating your scalp.


Eggs are a great source of proteins and minerals. An egg white contains about 6 grams of proteins, and gives you maximum protein content with minimum intake. They are rich in minerals like selenium and zinc and help in follicle refreshment! It is also a great source of iron and helps you stay away from anaemia.

Green Veggies

Green veggies especially spinach and broccoli or kale are rich in iron. Iron, as we know prevents anaemia. Notably, anaemia is the most common cause for hair fall among women! It boosts up the keratin levels in your hair and makes them strong.


Be it chicken or red meat, meats are the storehouses of nutrients. Meat is high in proteins, Vitamin B, iron, carbohydrates and minerals. In case you prefer beef, go for lean beef. They make your hair nice and strong. Meat plays a major role in making your hair vibrant and is probably a solution to all hair fall problems.

Apricots and Almonds

These are rich in protein content and also act as natural antioxidants. They help in production of sebum which facilitates the oil production in hair which rejuvenates your hair scalp naturally.

Along with these food habits you can also add a bit of rosemary essential oils in your shampoo as it makes your hair longer and stronger. In addition to this, just like face pack, you can make a home hair pack for yourself. Applying eggs to your hair is a very well-known hair pack.

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