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Each One, Plant One


With absolute certainty, I can say that none of you has any idea when the Earth Day is celebrated. Alas, we have never regarded Earth to be important enough to celebrate. But I could share with you a simple trick to remember it. It is not too much to pay back to Earth what we have stolen from it – it’s youth – if each individual contributes. And it’s easier too. Seven billion people, one earth, how can it be too much? The trick is, don’t even bother to care when Earth Day is celebrated. Instead, celebrate it on your birthday.

Won’t it be great to have a tree that you gave birth to, raised with your own hands and even more so, shared your birthday with it? Two minutes to sow the seed and five seconds to water it, if everyone could give four and a half minutes of their month to Earth, then… What global warming? There are over a hundred organizations working on it, hundreds of policies being implemented, targets being set up for future and still we are losing. If each one would just plant one, maybe we would deal with it in the present only. Individual effort; that’s something capable of doing anything. That’s something capable of stopping melting polar ice caps, depleting ozone layer, increasing global temperature, increasing carbon-dioxide levels and a hundred more issues.

Global Warming

Going step by step, let’s first focus on the problem. In one word, it’s pollution and in scientific word, it’s carbon-dioxide. Carbon-dioxide, a greenhouse gas depletes the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet rays from sun to enter which increase the temperature and hence cause all other issues. The quality of Earth continues to degrade. Sadly, almost everything releases carbon-dioxide; vehicles, fire, crackers, industries and even respiration! Hence, it can not be removed, just reduced. There are industrial norms and other such laws to keep it under check but ignoring them like everybody does, let’s move on to how it can be reduced. Obviously there are scientific ways but the easiest one has already been mentioned to you. Remember? Each one plant one?

Trees consume this carbon-dioxide – it acts as an ingredient of their food. This way, they reduce the carbon-dioxide levels and release oxygen instead. Once the pollution level decreases, ozone layer heals itself, the temperature of Earth dips and in other words, global warming ceases. But we have far too less trees right now to even dream of it. Even stopping deforestation would be just delaying the catastrophic consequences. The easiest solution is planting the trees, and if each one takes up the responsibility of planting one then maybe we can deal with the issue with a little less urgency. We have neglected the environment for far too long in the name of progress and industrialization and it has cost us the environment itself. Before it gets too late and we can just wait and watch, each one of us needs to share the responsibility.

But it’s not easy to dedicate four and a half minutes to the nature. Not everyone is willing to act for something whose effect isn’t visible to the naked eye. When it’s for a good cause, all the hundred volunteers back out thinking that the rest ninety nine would be working punctually. This situation has not risen from a failure at individual level only. For instance, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was instructed to plant ten saplings for each tree it cut and it lags far behind the number. A country should have thirty three percent of it’s land under forests and it’s no big surprise that India falls short of it. Hence a step forward is necessary as well as urgent. About sixty thousand square kilometres of forests are cut every year, that is around three to six billion trees an year and that’s about the population of Earth. Now imagine the turn around if each one planted one!

Don’t do it as a favour to the planet, but as your punishment, following it strictly.And follow it even if the rest ninety nine give up. Because even when you are doing it alone, you are creating an impact on others. Even indulging in good causes raises envy and hence you would inspire others around you to plant as well. The more, the merrier. Green revolution has become a thing of past, it’s time for green preservation now. The soaring temperature, the depleting ozone, the diseases caused by pollution; everything can be controlled by one act of yours.


Take it as a need of the hour or take it as an ignored need of the decade, but the world needs more green. No miracle is going to happen, it needs effort. An effort requiring four and a half minutes of the month – if it’s not too much. Treat it as a duty to sow a seed on your birthday. The Earth is dying and we are the murderers. Let’s for once be doctors and support the life supporter. Not a hard task, just each one, plant one.

And by the way, the Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April.

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