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Olive Oil Makes You Live Longer!


Ever since the pages of history, we have been listening about how beneficial is olive oil for our health. But we don’t usually use it because we are unaware how beneficial this olive oil can be, the extent of it. Olive oil is certainly more than just a cartoon character. Olive oil is obtained, as the name suggests, from the olives which are a tree crop found in the gulf and Mediterranean. It contains 884 calories per 100 grams. It boosts the immune system and helps you fight against cardiovascular diseases and gives a healthy well being. If you are still wondering what these benefits could be; here is a list of top health benefits of Olive Oil:


Health benefits of Olive Oil:

No diabetes!

Diabetes is when the blood sugar levels of the body goes tipsy turvy. Going by the common belief that a diet full of fats would eventually lead to cardiovascular arrests and diabetes, one must say that olive oil is not a good option. But let me clear this misconception. It is the type of fat that matters rather than the amount of fat in your body. Olive oils have mono-saturated fats and these fats are undoubtedly good for your health. These are fats are identical to those found in nuts and seeds etc. So if you can count on nuts, why not count on Olive oil? For the people who are pre diabetic or borderline diabetic, it is highly necessary for them to include at least 2 spoons of olive oil in their daily diet. Mono-saturated fats help you stay away for chronic disorders such as diabetes. It enhances insulin sensitivity.

A young heart!

As mentioned above, the mono-saturated fat protects you from chronic disorders and cardio related problems. It reduces the risk of heart attack and keeps your heart young and healthy. A big reason for heart attacks is the rise in cholesterol level in the body. And olive oil helps in reducing this cholesterol level which eventually acts as a protective option for your heart. In addition to this, various studies show that olive oil helps to maintain the blood pressure level and thus are a must take food in your diet. It not only is a protective shield against heart strokes, but also a vital key in reducing the aging of the human heart. At old age, the heart functioning slows down as a result of slow action of the arteries. Olive oil rejuvenates your arteries and keeps them dynamic for longer period of time. It improves the arterial function.

Makes your bones strong

Don’t be startled if someone comes up to you and tells you that you can make your bones stronger by consuming olive oils. If you consume a fair amount of olive oils every day, you can mineralize your bones in the best possible way then. Along with mineralization, this also facilitates calcification. This aids the calcium absorption in the bones and protects you from various diseases such as osteoporosis. When the bone mass decreases, it results to osteoporosis which makes your bones fragile and weak. In such a situation, even a slight knock could get you fractures and may even be fatal at times. The disease is a common one among elderly women because the production of estrogen decreases in the post menopausal phase. The disease attacks the bones in the hips, ribs and joints. Olive oil attenuates these changes and makes the bones strong and thick. Thus a regular usage of olive oils in your daily diet is the one stop solution for this disorder.

Prevents cancer

Just like consuming green tea can help you prevent cancers, even olive oils are rich in anti oxidant properties. The researches show that skin cancer can be prevented by the use of olive oil. The harmful effects of olive oils can be sidelined by the use of olive oils. The presence of oleic acid in the olive oils has the potential to damage the tumors and protects from breast cancer. Virgin olive oil is rich in bioactive compounds and mono-saturated fats which are a key to fight the severe disease like breast cancer.

Weight loss?

Certainly yes. You might wonder how consumption of fats results in weight loss can. The answer is quiet simple. A regular intake of olive oils in controlled amounts helps you reduce your weight. This is because it curbs your food cravings and hunger. So you don’t feel like eating more when you are consuming food rich in olive oils. It not only curbs your food cravings, but in particular it curbs the sugar cravings of the body. And sugars, as we know, are the major sources of weight gain.

Stress buster

Olive oils help in relieving stress. The presence of vitamin E facilitates this function of olive oils. The presence of polyunsaturated fats reduces the risk of depression. These fats do not easily oxidize in body and this is directly linked to lower risks of depression.

Relieves constipation

If you are having stomach issues, you should turn to olive oils. Olive oils relieve you from all types of gastro intestinal problems and helps in relieving constipation. It strengthens the digestive system.

Skin and Hair Care!

Why only consume olive oils? You can apply them on your body and hair for healthy benefits. Olive oils can give you a radiant skin. Olive oils moisturize your tangled hair locks and help you get smooth and shiny black hair.

The health benefits are endless; these were just a handful of them. If you want to lead a healthy life, do include olive oils in your diet!


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