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Oh, Confident You!


The world is full of so many people who are just so confident looking. They dress nice and speak so efficiently that most of the times we all feel like duds. They walk and talk like a professional who knows everything there is to know about everything. They are up to date with all the current affairs and do not shy away from speaking their minds! What makes them so confident? What sets them apart from the rest of us? Well, yes, you guessed it right. It is the CONFIDENCE level. The confident you can take over the world!

When a person is well bred, well aware and does not hesitate to speak his own mind. When a person carries himself or herself with such ease and poise that it is difficult to take our eyes off of them, when they look amazing and everything that they do looks so effortless- we all do get those pangs of jealousy! Admit it! When you see these kind of people, do you wish you could be like them? Do you wish you could be better? Do you wish you could look as smart as them? Well, it is not really a big deal. All you got to do is work on yourself. No one is born perfect. It is high time that you realize that! All these amazingly confident people that we see, even they had to start from the beginning and build themselves up slowly with time. Here are a few things that you could do to improve yourself! The thing to remember is that everyone has room for improvement and it is never too late! Be confident!

1) Practice Makes Perfect

The next time when you have a big meeting, a college/ school presentation or any kind of extempore, rehearse it before you actually take the podium. Work on your articulation. Also, remember to be thorough with your subject! Stand in front of the mirror and imagine that you are speaking or delivering your presentation in the hall or the auditorium or wherever you are supposed to be giving it.

2) Be Well Read

Always be aware of things going on around you. Have an opinion about things but, do NOT be opinionated. Keep a free and open mind. A mind open to suggestions and criticisms. No one is perfect, we have already established that! Be up to date with all the current affairs. Read the newspaper everyday. When you actually KNOW what is being talked about, you will automatically want to jump in the conversation because in your heart, you know that you have an opinion and you do not mind sharing it.

3) Pamper Yourself

Take care of yourself. Take care of the way you look and dress. When in college or work place, you should look efficient and smart! Do not dress down. Suit up! Take care of your hands and nails. I know this person who went to get a manicure and pedicure the day HE got promoted. See! Be at ease with yourself. Look great! This life is too short to act like a scared mouse who has no idea what is happening in the world. Be practical and worldly.

4) Set Specific Goals

Make a calender in your head that is filled with your personal agendas. Keep one attainable goal for every month. Stutter in public? Give yourself one month to get over that. Have a weight issue? Promise yourself that you will join a gym and eat healthy for six months, reach your ideal weight goal and stay there! We do not think so, maybe, but being obese is a major confidence killer!

5) Be Positive

Start your sentences with “I Will” and not, “I want to”. A difference in your approach towards every day things also does matter. The major fault that we people have is that when we are living our lives, we never give importance to the small moments. How can you be confident while giving an important presentation when you can’t even talk to the cashier at the supermarket properly? Being confident is an all round thing. You just can’t be confident in one area and a mouse in the other!

6) Believe in Yourself

You are no less than the people in the same room as you. You all have been appointed for the same work area for a reason! You all have the level of brains and intellect. The only difference is that some people recognize that early in life while others lag behind. Life is too short to be worked up about things but then, life is too short to be dull and dreary also! Believe in yourself. In your hearts, you all know that if you put in some effort, you guys can be your best ever!

Surprise everyone! Let your actions speak louder than words. Be strong and confident and just never cease to amaze the people around you. Everyone has that amazing potential. I want you to know that you all are awesome in your own ways but this world understands and respects only the confident ones who get up every morning and say “I can and I will”.

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