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Nothing But The Best


You are perfect for her, so shall it be too! Those in a relationship would agree that the upcoming birthday of your partner is something that gets you really anxious. What can be the perfect gift for her? Your ideas start with something handmade, which would be the best. But what? Everybody gives a card. Then comes the googling and in the end you give up on something handmade because either you can’t find the perfect thing or your creativity isn’t perfect for the thing. Next you work on what to buy. Among the countless choices available, you need to get the best as well as the most unique one. Why? Because you are perfect for her, so shall be your gift too.

Obviously you can’t decide on that too. What fits the occasion doesn’t fit the budget and what fits the budget is nothing but ordinary. Here comes the third person, or many persons to tell the truth. You seek out suggestions from everyone including those still in the search of a partner. Everybody has something different to say and you consider each and every one of them, only to rule them out because their definition of perfection isn’t the same as yours. Now your mind bugs you by telling you all this would have been a lot easier if you could just ask her but it adds the very next second that you can’t. In the little time available that’s left available, what you end up with is a pre-school standard handmade card, a gift even worse than her friends gave her and a guilt reminding how horrible a partner you are.

Birthday card

The disappointment you face at that moment is the same as you would feel now if you read all this way thinking I was going to suggest some ‘perfect’ gifts further on. I am just someone who is soon to become the someone mentioned above. And what I am going to suggest further on is what would be the perfect gift for me. Everybody runs their brains coming up with something unique but what about something priceless? And everyone from quotes to saints will agree, time is priceless. I would prefer something she gave out of her own life – which she won’t ever get back – much more than something she gave out of her wallet. So if you were looking for a perfect gift, the only perfect gift you would find here is a hangout.

Be it the life or a gift, nothing beats time. Because memories are the only gifts that will last forever. Bouquets won’t last a day, cards may survive a month and watches and photo frames may go on for years but memories will be there till you are. After a few years into relationship no one remembers what their first gift was! While gifts worry you, a hangout just makes you happy. The thought of spending an entire day with your partner is obviously much better than the thought of a gift that is preferably handmade but if not then is something she likes that no one else would even think of and at the same time, it stays in the available budget. If she is someone who understands, a simple rose during a hangout conveys much more than a handbag during a party.

Nothing can be as perfect as you yourself so gifting your time is in the sense of it, the perfect gift. Yes her birthday comes once a year and a hangout is something you often do. So why waste the annual occasion on something as simple as a hangout instead of going for something unique? Well because in the world that we live in, it’s only the simple things that are left unique. Everybody already owns anything worth gifting. If you want to make it special, take her someplace special, somewhere you know she would like to be with you. It will have all the elements of a perfect gift; it would be unique as no one else would be thinking of taking her anywhere, it would fit your budget and you can keep it a surprise until the last moment.  And the best part is, this is something you know you can do.

Couple hanging out

The gift would just impress her friends, you impressed her a long time back, remember? So what’s the point of something that won’t even make a difference? You can either shed out a month’s pocket money to earn some appreciation from her friends or you can give her your time, have fun on an outing and don’t give a damn about her friends. Because the best things in this world are for free. Birthdays and anniversaries are of course priceless moments in any relationship and doing something special instinctively comes to mind. But gifting something straight-away puts an equivalent price to that priceless moment. Instead, take these days as opportunities to cherish what you have and how you came to have it. You want to give her nothing but the best thing. So instead of a perfect gift, give her a perfect day.

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