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New You? Yes, Please!


The relationship that you have with yourself is more important than any other relationship in the end. No matter who sticks and who sways, you are always there for yourself. That is one relationship that needs to be worked on. We spend our lives admiring other people, their face, their grace, their smarts and their strengths. What we overlook is that we owe some respect to our own selves, our bodies and our minds. Why is it that you only look at the world but, not yourself? It is imperative that you take care of yourself. Life is all about creating and re creating yourself. You are your own self. Give your some importance. Work on a new ‘you.’

You must be seeing so many articles in the newspapers and also, in the magazines and all other forms of written communication about how the approach to a healthier and better life has vastly changed. Ten years ago, we associated crazy water diets and pills with weight loss. But now, we talk about improving health and fitness, and not weight issues. Now is the age of change. Pills have been replaced by Pilates. People have started becoming aware of the needs of their bodies. You need to know that there is always a scope for improvement. Life is too short to live it dull and simple. Be bold and brave. There is nothing wrong in changing yourself- both internally and physically.

When we talk about internal changes, it can include a change in the approach of life, bringing in positivity and strength. We talk about going green and meditation. When we talk about physical changes, it can include things like a better body, a better skin, better eating habits, change in the hair styles or dressing sense. Let us discuss 5 points that can help you change you. Over and out. Be new and still you.

1) Keep Calm and do Yoga

Yoga is such a blissful stress buster. Plus, it is really healthy. Yoga helps us become calm and serene. It is also good for blood circulation.This change in our mental health status considerably alters the way we look at our lives. You need to experience something to understand it. Not everything can be put into words.

2) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You must be thinking at to how recycling can help you change. Well, it is simple really. Environmental approaches will changes, giving you a small sense of accomplishment. All these small accomplishments tally and make you a better person- more sensitive to the needs of others. Compassion is a rare quality these days.

3) Project Yourself

Change something about you. It can be a small thing like – get bangs or grow your nails and make them pretty. It can be a big thing like – get a new haircut, color it, play with it, or lose those extra pounds you have been packing or changing your dressing style to something better by a notch. You should look like you love yourself. Eat right and look fab. Seriously, we do not give importance to food but, come to think of it, food makes all the problems go away!

4) Become a book worm too

Read a lot. Be well read, intelligent and aware. That gives you a lot of confidence. This is that quality which outshines you, makes you better than the rest. Also, books are fun and engrossing. It is a very good hobby. It takes you to another world and totally plays with your creative bug, improving your mental works.

5) Treat yourself

Learn how to cook a few basic things. Be it salty or sweet. Cooking, I feel, is associated with this quality of taking care of people around us. Make yourself treats that you like. Cooking gives you a sense of control and also leaves you sweet smelling (when you are baking!) The house smells amazing. I believe that every activity that we do alters us to some extent as it makes us happier. Happy people always look good, no matter what!

So, next time you take a lot of yourself in the mirror, look hard! THINK. Think what needs improvement. Think about your weak points and what will boost your confidence. Learn to love yourself and the world will love you too. The only acceptance that you need is yours. Be the change that you want to be. Believe in a brighter future. No matter how much life stinks right now, it can only get better from the saturation point of ‘stinks’. Make people happy. Spread laughter. Enjoy the sun this summer! Make this summer your very best as of yet. Inspire people and inspire yourself because life is too beautiful. Change the aura around you. Make it friendly and humble. Learn new things and keep on recreating yourself. Be true to yourself because life is too short to be anyone else but you.

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