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Never give up on hope


“A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy.”

– George Jean Nathan

There are many relationships in this world with many people in your life. Each and every relationship that we have with someone either makes us happy or there are some that even make us sad. But however they make us feel, they have an impact on our lives.


People like to be in a relationship with someone who cares for them, understands them and also corrects them when they are wrong. They want to experience such a relationship with someone that completes them and makes them feel alive.

It’s true that, everyone wants to find an ideal person for themselves and then spend their life with them. There are cases in which you find your ideal match or sometimes you don’t. But there are also cases that you know who your ideal match is but you just can’t be together. You just have to hope that in the future things will work out and you can get together with them. Here is a story that will illustrate the above point.


Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. the alarm rang. It was 6:45 in the morning and Max was already late for school. He quickly got up, got ready and hurried down. His friends were waiting for him and had told the bus driver not to leave yet. He reached and saw that the bus was still waiting for him, he hurried to the bus and then left for school. He thanked his friends for stopping the bus for him.

The bus reached the school gates at 7:15 am and Max casually waved goodbye to his friends and then proceeded towards his class. Max and his friends were quite excited and also a little sad as it was the last day of school. It was 9:45 am the time for recess. Max met up with his friends and then told them that he was going to meet Kaavya.
Kaavya studied in the humanities section and also was the head girl of the school. Max and Kaavya had been friends for quite sometime now. There was a rumor started in the school that Max and Kaavya were dating. Both of them ignored that fact and still met each other on a daily basis.

Max went up to Kaavya and said ” Hey would you like to join me and my friends later in the evening. We are planning to go for bowling and maybe dinner afterwards.”

Kaavya replied ” Sure. Why not. By what time shall I reach?”

He said” 6 should be fine.”

She agreed and then the recess bell rang. They proceeded towards their classes and waited for school to get over.
The final bell of their school life rang at 1:00 pm. Max and his friends were all a little sad as their school life was over. Max went up to Kaavya and told her that he would be seeing her at 6.

He proceeded with his friends towards to his bus and then headed home. He reached home had lunch and was about to go to sleep, when Kaavya’s mom called. He picked it up and she told him that they were planning a surprise birthday party for Kaavya and she is inviting all of her close friends to Kaavya’s place. She told him to reach by 12. He told her that it wouldn’t be a problem and he would be there.

Pondering in the thoughts as to what to give her as a birthday gift he feel asleep. He woke up at 5 pm as he had to go out with his friends.

Max and his friends reached the bowling alley at 6 and Kaavya was already waiting there. She had just reached there. The game was a little boring for Max but since the company was good he had fun. From the time they met Max and Kaavya were constantly talking to each other. She told him that she couldn’t come for dinner along with them as her mom had some plans for her. After the bowling session Kaavya went home saying goodbye to Max and told him to stay in touch.

Max and his friends had dinner and then went home by 10 pm. Max was getting quite impatient as he wanted to meet Kaavya again. As soon as it was quarter to 12 Max left for Kaavya’s house. On reaching there he saw the others and also Kaavya’s mom and then they planned accordingly as to how would they surprise her.

Her mom opened the door and there Kaavya was standing in shock by seeing all of her friends there but she couldn’t see Max.
Max was there standing behind feeling a little shy. He felt a little confused as to what he was feeling and couldn’t understand his feelings clearly. He anyways chucked all this away and after everyone cleared the room and went to the main hall, he then went to kaavya to give her the gift he had got for her. Kaavya was happy on seeing him, she took the gift and saw a heart shaped crystal Max had got for her. She asked him why did he get her this gift. Before he could answer anything one of her friend called them and told them to come and cut the cake.

After cutting the cake Max told her that he needed to leave as he had a flight next day early morning. So she came out to drop Max till the car. Before sitting in the car Kaavya told Max to stay in touch with her and gave him a hug.
Max sat in the car and went home. He reached home but then he started missing her. He didn’t know why. He had just met her, then why was he missing her. He pushed all these thoughts to the back of his mind and then tried to get some sleep.

He woke up at 7 and got dressed for his flight. There was a message on his cell from Kaavya. It said ” Take care Max. Will miss you and do stay in touch.”
He replied ” Yeah I will and you take care too Kaavya. I’ll miss you too.”

He then switched of his cell thinking about what the hell was happening to him. Why was he missing her so much. Fortunately he was travelling with one of his friends and he managed to get his head off this topic for sometime.

He reached his destination and started his admission procedure for college. He finally agreed to study in Gujarat in India.
He messaged Kaavya from there telling him about his college. She told him that she got admission in Dubai and would pursue her studies there.

Max and Kaavya got occupied in their lives but still stayed in touch, as for Max he was still confused because he didn’t know why he wanted to be with Kaavya so badly.

It was a regular day in college and Max was sitting in his class solving a couple of problems, when a cute looking girl approached him for she had some doubts in those problems. Max solved her doubts and she also took Max’s number to contact him if she had further doubts.
Naina used to call him on a daily basis but never for the doubts. Max had already figured it out that she had a crush on him but Max wasn’t interested in her as he had some stuff to figure out.

He talked to his friends about what to do, they suggested him to go with what’s happening and not to oppose it. They said there might be a chance that your feelings fade away for Kaavya and maybe it can turn out that you just have a crush on Kaavya.

Max took their advice and then told Naina about it. Naina confessed that she did like him and would be very happy to be in a relationship with him.

Max agreed and thought that he should at least test the water and see how it goes.

It went quite well, actually better than Max expected. Whenever he was with her he used to forget about Kaavya and would be happy with Naina.
Then one day it so happened that Naina asked him about his school life and if he liked anyone that time. Max was reluctant to tell her anything but she forced him too. So he finally told her everything about his school life, including Kaavya.
After listening to Max, Naina held his hand and told him that he not only liked Kaavya but he loved her. She told him that if he had any chance of getting together with Kaavya he had to go ahead.

Naina told him “You need not worry about me. Because the way you talk about her clearly signifies your love towards her. I will be perfectly okay if you were to break-up with me for that reason.”

Max was astounded on what he had just heard from Naina’s mouth. He did not know what to respond to her, he told her that such a time would never come and told her to stop thinking about it.

As the months went by everything was going on good between Max and Naina but one day while they were sitting in the canteen Max’s phone rang. It was Kaavya who was calling. Naina saw that too. Max picked up the call and was extremely happy to hear her voice and so was Kaavya. They talked on the phone for 2 hours straight, Max had completely forgotten about Naina. He was talking to Kaavya after ages all he wanted to do at that moment was to talk to her.
Kaavya told him that she had been missing him a lot from the past couple of months and wanted to meet him. She said that she would be coming to Gujarat in a couple of weeks and they should meet up. Max was extremely happy to hear that. He told her to give him a call when she came. After talking for a couple of more minutes they then hung up the phone.
Max returned back, all of his friends had gone back except Naina. Max apologized to her but she was a bit furious. She told him that he needed to choose between her and Kaavya. He had to learn to let go. Max told her sorry and assured her that nothing like this would ever happen again. She calmed down and then asked him whether he had told Kaavya about their relationship.
Max hesitantly said no. She asked him to tell her the reason, to which Max had no answer. Max thought that there is something wrong here. He thought that he had forgotten Kaavya completely and was very happy with Naina, then why is this happening to him again. He did not want to go through this all over again. It was difficult for him to forget Kaavya and all the things which had left behind were coming back. He was feeling scared and wasn’t sure if could tell Naina how he exactly felt. Naina was still standing there waiting for an answer from Max. He wasn’t sure as to what to tell her. But he felt that he needed to tell her everything as to what is going on in his head.

He then told Naina that he still had feelings for Kaavya and it was difficult for him to forget her, but also he liked what he and Naina had and did not want to lose that. He couldn’t understand as to what to do.
Naina then stopped him and asked him a simple question that whether or not he could ever forget Kaavya?

Max did not reply. The question was easy but still had a very complicated answer. He did not know what to tell her, so he just stood there standing quietly and looking at Naina.

Tears started rolling down Naina’s eyes for she knew what his answer was. She told him that it wasn’t possible for them to be together if he couldn’t forget Kaavya and they had no choice but to break-up. Max just stood there without uttering a single word. He knew that what was happening was wrong but still he wasn’t against it. He just stood there with a blank expression and looked at Naina. He just hugged Naina and held her tightly against him. He did not want to lose her and also he couldn’t forget everything he felt towards Kaavya. He slowly let Naina go and whispered sorry into her ear. Naina replied “I told you it was okay if you break up with me for Kaavya. We will still be friends. Take care of yourself Max.”

Max let her go and they went back to their rooms. It was a difficult night for both of them and it wasn’t easy to get over such stuff. It took time but eventually they got over it and slowly they became friends again but things sometimes used to get a little awkward but it was nothing the two of them couldn’t handle.

Max still was in touch with Kaavya and was figuring out ways to tell her how he felt for her. He thought that he would tell her everything the day she comes to Gujarat but that wasn’t possible because her college was to open early so she wouldn’t be coming. They used to talk quite frequently and Max started liking her more and more each day.

He told his friends about the way he felt for Kaavya, they told him to go ahead and tell her and know what her response would be like. They said that they were quite certain that she would tell yes but it would be for the best if he would talk to her about this.
As he was thinking about whether or not to ask her he received a message from Kaavya. She asked Max if he had developed a liking towards her and would like to know if he liked her.

On reading this message Max’s heart skipped a beat; he showed the message to his friends and they told him to tell her immediately everything about how he felt towards her.

Max then confessed to her as to how he felt towards and told her that he indeed did like her. She asked Max as to what to do now. Because it wasn’t possible for them to be in a committed relationship as it is difficult to work out long-distance relationships. They had not even met for almost 2 years so it would not be possible to be together.

Max’s heart sank on hearing this statement. He knew that she was right and it wasn’t possible to be in a committed relationship but he still wanted to be with her no matter what. He just asked her one question that whether or not she liked him the way he did, to which she did not reply clearly. She said she herself was confused and did not know what to say. All of this was happening to suddenly for her to think and come to a proper solution. But whatever the answer would be Max understood that distance would obviously be a problem between them so even he did not try hard to convince her.

She then told Max that he could get a better girl than her and it would be for the best if they do not take that step further. Max told he that he did not want anyone better and he just wanted it somehow to be possible for the two of them to be together.

She said Max there is no way for that to happen and she completely closed the topic thereon. Max did not utter a word and things slowly started falling back in place for Max and Kaavya.

After the 3rd year of his college, Max was going to go back to his place where he grew up i.e. his hometown. He was very excited as he would be meeting his school friends after a long time. He was lost in those thoughts when his phone rang. It was Kaavya calling him. Max picked up the call and felt so happy to hear Kaavya’s voice, he had still not forgotten her and nor had his feelings towards her faded away he had just pushed everything to the back of his mind. She told Max that she would be going home this summer and whether or not he would be there that time. Max’s joy knew no bounds; he would finally be meeting Kaavya after a long time. He told her yes and told her that he would call her once he reached.

He reached his hometown a couple of weeks later and gave Kaavya a call. They decided on a date and a place to meet. She said that she not been to the beach for a long time and so she wanted to meet him there. He agreed.

Max reached the beach on the decided time and saw Kaavya standing there waiting for him. Max and Kaavya saw each other after 3 years and a lot had happened in those 3 years. Max asked her about how everything was going on in her life to which she replied that things are not that good. She was having some family as well as social problems and was feeling very alone. She talked to Max about everything. Max listened to her patiently and told her that everything would be okay and she need not worry and he would always be there for her.

She looked up back at Max and told him sorry for the way things turned out between them. Max told her not to worry and also not to apologize for it. He said that she was right and it would have been very difficult for them to work things out, but he also told her that if she had been anywhere in India he would have convinced her and would not give up on them being together.

Max saw her smile and thought to himself that he would do anything just to keep that smile on her face. She then told Max that it wasn’t over between them and there is still a year of their college remaining and then there are chances that they might be together.

Max just couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “Did she really say that?” he thought to himself.

She then told him that everything has a time for it to happen and at the moment it may not be possible for them together but year from now you never know what can happen.

Max asked her if she really meant what she had said and she agreed and told him

“Max, some things in life are worth waiting for.”


It is not possible that we always get what we want. There are things in life which happen only at the time they have to happen not before and certainly, not after. We just have one thing to hold onto and that is hope.

People find themselves in a relationship with someone they think is their perfect soul mate but life might have some other plans for you. So if something doesn’t work out the way you want it to happen don’t be disappointed just give it some time you’ll then understand the reason behind it because nothing in life happens without a reason.



“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

–  The Shaw shank Redemption (Movie)

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