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Never Give Up


“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

–   Nido Qubein


People usually say that they find it difficult to cope up with the situations they face in life and they there are some who even completely chuck the idea of ever overcoming a particular situation they face. They either break from the excessive stress that they face in their life or they start getting used to it or just find a way to live with it. It obviously is not possible to overcome each and every situation you face in life quickly.

Time is something that matters the most. We have to be patient to let things fall into their place rather than rushing into them. Though we must not leave everything on fate and time. We must try to keep things in our control and also learn to take responsibility rather than blaming things happening to us because of our mistakes to fate.

Dedication to what we do and also to what we want to achieve is a must. Problems keep coming and going in not only our life but in everyone’s life. It is not something that should stop us or even threaten what we want to do. We must learn to encounter them and deal with them and rather than praying to god for reducing our problems we should pray to him to give us more strength to face them. That is one of the best ways to go ahead in life.
The same also goes for mistakes, they are something from which we have to learn. Mistakes are made by everyone no matter how careful or perfect you think you are, you will still be human. But mistakes too shouldn’t stop, they sure do make you regret on the stuff you did earlier but you should not beat yourself up with it. It is completely normal for people to make mistakes and if we see in or rather state it in the metaphorical way, we can say that life is a just like a book each and every thing you do is considered as a page, so a mistake is just a page in the book and you should not ruin the essence of the entire book just because of a few pages. We must learn to move on with our life and as we do also keep learning from it.

We must not give up on  ourselves when confronted with a problem or realize the mistake that we made. It is obvious that such things are going to happen. So rather than being afraid we must be ready to face and also be determined that no matter we will overcome it and not let it hinder our path and our goals that we have set to achieve.

Life as we all know is a struggle, for some the struggle is more whereas for some the struggle is less but it is always there and sooner or later it will test you. We must face it maturely as after overcoming such things our belief in our own abilities will strengthen. We will feel self-confident and also have the most important thing that is required for achieving any goal you have set for your life and that is self-respect.




Here is a short poem on struggle that will illustrate on the point to Never Give Up in life..

The Struggle


I stand up to the shore and look at the sea

Wondering how ferocious as well as calm it can be

I stand and see with a childlike glee

Then I see a ship that is trying to flee


As the winds blow stronger and the clouds thunder

I look at the ship and wonder

What would happen if the ship goes down under

And is never again able to wander..?


I look at the ship as it fights back

The waves hit the ship and give it a slap

The ship still tries to stay in its track

And get to the shore without a crack


The sea slowly calms down

And looks at the ship with a frown

Despite the ferocious weather the ship doesn’t drown

And is able to reach the town


The ship struggled but reached the shore all fine

All that mattered was the time

It didn’t tell the sea what it did was a crime

But kept saying no matter what, victory will be mine


I understood something looking at this sight

That no matter what we must fight

Without any hesitation or a fright

And we will succeed if we are right


Learn to live your life to the fullest and rather than worrying about the problems that you might face in your life try to stay prepared for it.


“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

–    Joseph Campbell

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