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What is your Net Social Worth?

Find out your net social worth!
Find out your net social worth!

It’s not a fact to mention that Social Media is a part of your daily routine. You may be using Facebook or twitter to post some of the casual reveries about life, or express your opinions about the kind of day you had or to show outrage about any specific issues; might be social or political. That’s what people do; they love to share and discuss things over the internet.
But the reason becomes a cause when you start observing the ‘what’ and ‘who’ aspect of the social media. If you’re posts create conversation among a group of people and is constantly shared then you’re, no doubt, a social media influencer. If not, the void can always be filled with the information present on the web. There are various attributes of social measurement tools, that can tell you exactly what/who are trending.
The social networking activity does not only stay there lurking around for likes or retweets, but opens doors of opportunities for you. It also affects well on your career if you plan to work for any prominent group or marketing firms.
So if you want to find your net social worth, we can help you bookmarking a few sites that are known for the reason. The marketing guru takes help of these tools to see the social potential of the person. And who knows, it can be marked next as the new degrees of coolness. Check these sites out in no time, and tell us what you got.

Klout is a website that can surely help to get your social presence counted and measure your online worth. It uses various social media analytics tool to rank users according to the influence they have on the online society via “Klout Score”. This score has a numerical value between 1 and 100 which depends on the size of media network created by the user and the responses it gets through its posts. All you need to do is sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account.
It does not only measures your online influence buy also can analyse the true reach of your posts, the amplification and also the impact it makes on a larger aspect. Another feature to talk about the website is its “Klout Style” that shows the personality of your social avatar. Be it a dabbler, specialist, amateur, or a leader. It can also promote and amplify your media presence. You just need to abide by its side.


Peer Index
PeerIndex is one great service that provides you listing of users that actually react and get influenced by the posts served by you and vice versa. Its greatest strength comes from getting rid of other random acquaintances of social media that stop us getting social marketing done. There are also several other options like Topic Fingerprint that makes sure that the charting is accurate about the topic you post most about, like media, science, arts or entertainment. Reporting and finding influences are the tasks that could be easily managed under. It does make social media a lot more efficient for you and also you can rank yourself up among your friends by creating a public group through your peer index score. And also if you want, Facebook and twitter can be linked along with PI so that you can get your cross-network score. Ram Gopal Verma, Shashi Tharoor are one of the top influencers of India as of now, and who knows you might be next.


Twenty Feet
TwentyFeet comes under the domain and is one of the efficient tools that would analyse your audience. Be it Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram or old-school Myspace; it would track them all and present a cooler version of graphical representations showing your media influence over the period of week, month, or a year. It is also called as ego tracker at times. It tracks number of followers, posts along with the reactions to certain one for Facebook while for twitter it’s all about tweets and retweets. It would certainly give your social worth in a much younger version.


Social Mention
This is one of other sites that make it easier to find influential ideas and people. Just like the trending topics provided by twitter, it gives real time analysis of what people are thinking and talking about in their scrumptious social media accounts. And also you can get a hold of your social media influence through.
Also you can search over any topic of your interest. These will help you get a broader perspective of the subject; and what people think about the same; something where Wikipedia comes to a fail. This information can come handy if you’re trying to get your product or service among a certain range of people.


Facebook Insights
Facebook is not only about liking the trolls and scrolling on and on. Facebook is a great tool where business and social outreach are concerned. And about your social influence and worth, Facebook Insights would be of great help. They help to shed some light on the reaction of audience on your Facebook page.


Topsy, like Twitalyzer tells you what’s happening around twitter. This is one of the things that can help you move atop ‘Twitterverse’, so that you reach your audience more efficiently.



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