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Negativity and its influential wedge on us


In different walks of life, I am sure everyone has come across a phase where that person has seen himself surrounded with a web of negativity and not so positive vibes.  Feeling helpless, lonely, troubles and distressed are less seldom to go away in just a click of your fingers, they tend to stay with you for long once you are caught in the web of it. Negativity as an emotion is extremely strong, and thus has effects not only on our emotional well being but on our physical attributes and health as well. Negativity as a thought an emotion is definitely not worth it, because it only just takes a strong mind and an even strong will power to get over these destructive feelings inside you. It just does harm and no good.


When we talk of negativity, it is important to keep in mind that we also come to talk of our anger levels, our management problems and our mental disturbances which prove to be a hindrance in our daily routine activities. As we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, negativity creeping in our minds and hearts does not come as a surprise. It is actually just being normal to experience negativity within you, at times. But also, it rests on you as to how you would want to mould your mind and lifestyle in such a way that there is no room for such disorienting thoughts in our head. Right from affecting our nervous system to lowering our body immunity system, negativity has its own tricks on our life. The fact that negativity makes you vulnerable is one of the strongest points as to why you need to keep off this alarming event from your life. You will find yourself to be less energetic, with no hope or willingness to do anything and everything. The antagonistic feeling inside our mind makes it difficult to cope with our daily stressful life and also does not help us think in a straight and proper manner. Thus, you tend to make more mistakes and it gets too late before you actually realize your own faults. It undoubtedly drains us, emotionally and physically. We lose the power to think, to act and to react. Anger and aggression levels get heated up immensely, and you find yourself to be more provoked on things than before. You get vulnerable to heart diseases, which would probably stay with you all your life. Negativity will pull you into doing things which could probably have a long term effect on your health, and which you might just regret later. You do know that the way you react is not because of you, but because of the elicit thoughts ruling your mind, yet it is never too late to realize what you are going through and change your thoughts. It just requires some amount of determination and a forced positive thinking which could overrule all the negativity within your body.

negativity 2

Negativity has some prolonged effects on health, especially on heart and respiratory organs. When our immune systems go low due to our succumbed bad thoughts, we get pulled down from down any positive activity in our life. It pulls us down from getting refreshed by doing what we like to do, which further helps that negativity to mark itself permanent in our minds for a long time. There is always a need to act fast and tough against such feelings because negativity is just similar to dark clouds which prevent the sunlight from entering into our lives. Unless and until you decide to push the dark clouds away, there is no way that light is going to make its way till you. Negativity as a powerful emotion makes you lose interest in things very easily and quickly, and more than half the time you wouldn’t even realize the logic behind half the decisions you have taken. It makes you lose your sense of judgments and thought process, and living life this way is gong to breed that negativity even further within your mind and body. The fact that you will so negative and unwanted arises from a lot of factors and issues, such as personal problems or the company you have been gelling yourself into. The foremost thing to do, in such cases, is to remove these unwanted weeds out of your life, once you realize and become aware of your own emotions building up within you. One should always remember that there is no one else who can help you get rid of your negative emotions but just you, only because you know the intensity and the extent to which these feelings have been empowering your life till now.

‘Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity’ is the golden rule you always need to keep in mind when you come across such a situation in life. The longer you keep those distracting thoughts in your head, the longer you will find yourself entangled in a cobweb of physical disturbance and health issues. It is not necessary that negativity would only affect a person’s emotional health, what we tend to forget is that these feelings affect our physical health more than anything else in our life, due to which we lose interest in practically almost everything. It is never late to kick those negativity rushes out of our body and guide ourselves andour mind into what is most missing in our life, positivity. And as I just said before, it requires just a bit of determination and awareness within yourself to make you realize that is all that negativity worth it?


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