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You Need to Put Down That Phone!!


It is 21st century and human beings have devised technology that is so brilliant that as I am pressing some buttons/keys made of plastic and making some typing errors, this machine is able to tell me where I am wrong. In that case, the biggest grammar nazi would be MS-WORD. While I am correcting my mistakes, I have my mobile beside me which is beeping consistently for some reason or the other. This makes me think that we humans are now in such a pahse of life that we are simply caught in the web of technology. So mcuh so that we have grown addicts of it. Can you even imagine a day without your cell phone? The answer to that question for most of the people would be a wide eyed no as they clutch their phones tighter to their chests. Weed, alcohol and cigareete are enough for spreading addiction. We do not need a fourth thing in the phone of a simple phone to get addicted to. if you are now having doubts about your obsession for your phone and wondering whether you need to put that damned thing down, read on:

1. Non-Phone, Non-Human

Non phone non human

You are casually sitting on your bed, looking for the recent shows of The Fault In Our Stars on your laptop and suddenly, you feel that the Earth beneath your feet has started drifting away. Reason? You just looked for your phone and found out that it is not where you kept it! This situation just gives you a mini heart attack which goes away only when you find out that all this while, your phone was there in your pocket. However, the thing that should worry you more than the thought of having lost your phone within your house is the very behaviour of yours in such a situation. You know that you turn into a beast at such moments and have no relation whatsoever to the concept called “humanity”. The havoc that a lost phone wreaks upon your world is worse than the havoc created by a Dry Day in an alcoholic’s life. The phone is just a phone. It is not your life support system that you have to just die by thinking that you are going to lose it. It can be a priced possession but do not let it rule your life. Try challenging yourself by reading this article in one go, by not worrying about your phone or looking at it while you are reading this article. If you are reading this on phone, try putting the phone down for ten minutes once you ahve read the article and test yourself for anxiety levels.

2. Let Nature Call

Nature's call

So, your phone has all sorts of secret explosives stored which, if released, could lead to World War III. Agreed. but, why do you pressurise yourself so much with so much worries everytime? And by every time, I mean when you have to attend nature’s call? You can spend those few seconds/minutes with yourself, without your phone. People argue that they get bored and that is the reason why they carry their mobile phones even to the toilets. That is just absurd! Did you take your video games to the washroom while you were a kid? I hope not! Just imagine the number of germs you are going to carry with yourself once you are out of the washroom with your phone? Unless you sanitise your phone regularly, the chances of you cathcing some sort of disease is really high. Everything has a purpose and a place designated to it. It only makes sense to follow this simple rule of not taking your phone to the washroom because even if somebody calls you in between, I do not think you are going to be able to answer that unless you want them to hear your inner secrets. And I am talking about the real ones!

3. Get Up. Phone. Loo.

Early morning

If this is the routine that you follow every morning, then you, my dear, are in some serious trouble. If the first thing that yoiu do when you open your eyes in the morning is checking your phone,it is an alarm and you better run now because there is no snooze button in this one. One might check one’s phone firts thing in the morning to look at the time, but most of the times, it does not stop at that. It goes on to checking messages or even just having a look at the wallpaper, as though it is not a phone but your newly wedded spouse. If you do not have a table clock or a wall clock in your room, get one. Then, you would be able to dela with the oroblem of having a look at the time. And we all know what a beautiful charm do those old clocks have. You do not want some mobilebradiations to enter into your body system. Mornings are meant to soak in the Sun’s rays only. Try sticking to that. It would prevent the unnecessary trouble that you face in the morning by reading some unwanted messages as soon as you get up.


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