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Why do you need to apply sunscreen before going out?


Sunscreens are those magical moisturisers which protects you from harsh UV radiations attacking your skin on exposure to sun. UV radiations are very harmful for our skin, they can create many problems like sunburns, heatstroke even skin cancer too. They act as filters of UV radiations and provide only nutrients to our skin. But they can not purify the sun energy from UV radiations at full. They do this work proportionately. Some of the UV rays can affect our skin even in presence of sunscreen. You cannot totally depend on sunscreen because they can only reduce the effect of sun rays on your skin but cannot prevent the impact of sunrays on your skin.



Now the main element of sunscreen which helps in protection from UV radiation is SPF. All sunscreens are tagged with the label of SPF element present in it, without this element sunscreen is not a sunscreen. Now you must have notice the number present after SPF on the sunscreens, that number shows how much the sunscreen protects your skin. SPF 15 means it blocks about 93% of the UVB rays and allows 7% penetration to your skin whereas in SPF 30, it blocks about 97% of the UVB rays and allows only 3% penetration to your skin. It is better to go for SPF 30 products so that you can more and more protect your skin from various dangerous skin problems.

How it works


sunscreen is the one which reduces the radiation damage to a certain number whereas it does not wholly protect from sunscreen. You can’t always wear scarf and sunglasses since you also want to enjoy summer and so for that sunscreen is only option left to choose. If not full then at least 97% by SPF 30 and 93% by SPF 15 protection can be given to your skin through sunscreens. Now the sunburns do not appear quickly on your skin, it takes about twenty to thirty minutes to appear on your skin. Firstly, your skin gets red and then you get a burn. And after you get sunburn, application of sunscreen will not work. For this it is really important to apply sunscreen before leaving. Try to cover yourself even if you have applied sunscreen for more protection, but in sunscreen case you do not need to worry much. Sunscreen protects you thirty times before getting sunburn. It is very necessary to re-apply sunscreen on your face after every two hours. This is because the sunscreen either fades away or get out of your due to sweating or rubbing.

Sunscreen use on different skin

Woman Applying Sunscreen

Different people have different skin types. The people with fair tone skin can easily get sunburns in just 4 minutes. They need to apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before exposure to sun. After that you can freely enjoy till 120 minutes that is 2 hours. But it is advisable to re-apply sunscreen after every 1 hour. People with fair to medium skin tone can get sunburn in 6 minutes. They again need to apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes ago before exposure to sun. After that you can freely enjoy for 180 minutes that is 3 hours in the sun. But it is advisable to re-apply sunscreen after 2 hours. Now people with medium to dark skin tone can get sunburn in 10 minutes. They should apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before in the sun. After that they can enjoy for 300 minutes that is 5 hours freely in the sun. It is advisable to re-apply sunscreen after 2 hours.

How to use sunscreen

Now it is very necessary to apply sunscreen on your skin at least 25 to 30 minutes before skin is exposed to sun. It is so compulsory because your skin has many layers and your sunscreen needs to settle and blend in those layers so that it can protect your skin from internally too. It is also advised to re-apply sunscreen after 20 minutes so that a good amount of sunscreen is present on the above and external layer of the skin for sun protection. Re-application of sunscreen will only increase your skin protection and will not provide any kind of harm to your skin. It is good to re-apply it again after 1 hour.

Waterproof v/s Water Resistant sunscreens

Now different types of sunscreens are available in the market. One with SPF 15 label and another with SPF 30 label. Obviously SPF 30 is a better one. One more difference is their, sunscreens are labeled with waterproof and water resistant. You must thinking that they both are same but that’s not true. Water resistant sunscreen will work for 40 minutes in the water whereas water proof will maintain its protection with SPF for at least 80 minutes. In both cases, it is very necessary to re-apply sunscreen but in water resistant case you should re-apply it after half an hour and in case of waterproof you should re-apply it after 1 hour. Although sunscreen is a great thing for your skin for sun rays protection then it is always advised to cover yourself with a piece of cloth. This will not only reduce but also blocks the UV radiations.


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