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‘Nails’ It!


So, are you one of those females who just love their hands? Who would scream out in happiness when they see this bright, shiny, glamorous looking bottle called nail polish, in their favorite color? Are you one of those females who like your nails long and pretty, properly filed? Well, if you are, I would say that there is pretty good chance of you liking this article. This article is dedicated to all those lovely ladies out there who love their nails and want them to look pretty!

As we all know, nails are an extension of the skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body as it envelopes the entire body. Nails are like naturally added accessories on our delicate hands, are they not? Who would disagree? I love my nails just as much as the girl next to me! Some things you just adore! Nails- their shapes and sizes, the way they are cut, it has all kept on evolving with time. In the beginning of human civilization, I am sure that women never bothered with their nails (they had more pressing issues, like lack of a wardrobe!) but, as time passed and years flew by, the art of nails just kept on developing. From being cut simple, round finish, nails got a new shape: square. From natural pink color to the invention of nail polish by Michelle Menard in the 1920s. Oh, thank God for her! She introduced the modern day nail polish as we know it! We all know how nail paints or nail polishes vary in the texture, glossiness and color (obviously!) I would like to point out how different colors should be used to different occasions.



Well, I would not recommend this color for a person who is past her mid twenties. Black is normally worn by teenagers who are hard core into goth and punk. But, if you love the color so much, I would say that instead of getting the normal, glossy-looking black, get a matte effect nail polish. It is black and it looks chic, when used on the right occasion. When to wear black? I normal night out with your girlfriends. Black nail polishes were really ‘in’ at one point of time. But, that time has gone by!


Red is bright and pretty. It is feminine depending on its tone. While buying a nail polish, we need to understand that every color has a lot of brothers and sisters. So, when you buy a red nail paint, it can be cherry red, blood red or tomato red. Red nail paints are fun! This color can be worn for parties and all of those glam nights.


When I say pink, I mean soft pink. Not at all magenta. Light pink. Light pinks are pretty looking shades. They lend a sense of formality. I would say that wearing light pink nail polished to work is actually a good idea! This shade is soft on the eyes and gives your hands the added beauty as well. While working, you should not wear glaring nail polish shades that are too bright or too glossy.

Neutral Tones

Nowadays, new tones are like beige, skin color, navy blue and gray are quite popular. Even burgundy and light green. These are all soft when used with matte effect nail polish. I think this group can be named ‘serious colors’! They all lend a sense of formality. They make your hands look pretty. They are not over obvious and not at all glossy. Brown is a favorite of mine!

Clear Polish

When you are not using any color, be sure to coat your nails with a clear polish to make them look shiny and innocent. Nails should look attractive all the time. Do not keep extra long nails. Today, well cut nails are preferred over really long, freaky nails. No one wants dragon-lady hands, do they?

Electric Colors

If you are one of the flamboyant ones and have a love for bright colors like orange, yellow, green, magenta and so on, then I have an idea that could jazz up your nail wardrobe. Electric colors are totally in right now. You can wear these fun colors for a fun day at the beach or a long road trip this summer! Have fun with your favorite colors.

The French Manicure

The tips for french manicure have also increased. You can opt for different tips, depending on what you like and what you don’t like. French manicures look so classy and crisp. They make the hands look so elegant. They add a certain charm to the personality as well. This is one trend you can never go wrong with. The classic manicure is always a safe option. Specially for all kinds of formal events.

Nails look prettier and dressed up. Thanks to the multimillion cosmetic companies. While buying nail polishes, always be sure to buy nail polishes of good quality. Go for brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Sally Heusen and Lakme. Cheap nail polishes have a tendency of making the nails yellow. Also, give your nails some time to breathe once in a while. Do not keep them coating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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