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3 Must Read Books by John Green


Dr John Green is an American author who made his debut as an author with his book Looking For Alaska in 2005, which won him a Printz Award in the year 2006. He writes Young Adult Fiction. He is also a very well-known Vlogger. Most also know him as one of the brothers of the YouTube Channel called the Vlog Brothers which is run by him and his brother Hank.  Apart from winning the Printz Award his much talked about book ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ became The New York Best Seller in year 2012 in the month of January. He has authored four books till date and is working on a project called ‘The Racket’, on which he started work during December last year. Apart from that he also authored many short stories and has also co-authored a few books, along with four of his own books. Two of his books have been far big hit than one could imagine those are Looking For Alaska and Fault In Our Stars.  The latter is now a motion picture. So here are the three must read books by the young-adult fiction writer John Green.

1. Looking For Alaska:

download3Looking for Alaska is narrated by one of its main characters named Miles who leaves his hometown in order to join the Culver ‘Creek’ Preparatory High School in Alabama, as his father had also done his high schooling from that place. The story is about how Miles settles down in the new school and makes friends and gets attached. The other two main characters one of them is Chip ‘The Colonel’ Martin, who is also Miles room-mate and he is the one who nicknames Miles as Pudge. Miles is reffered to as Pudge throughout the book, after Colonel Nicknames. The last and the most important character around which the whole book revolves is Alaska Young.

The book is mainly divided into two parts. First before, the big drastic event takes place and the second after the event. It is the events and the feelings Pudge goes through and how his life turns into a rollercoaster and how it changes Pudge and makes him into a completely new man, someone completely different from what he was before he met The Colonel and Alaska. The second part also deals with the planning of the Annual Creek Prank. This year they decide to create history and be remembered because of their prank, as prank was sort of a tradition in Culver Creek.

If you have read The Fault in Our Stars and haven’t read this one then you are missing out on a lot. Looking for Alaska is one of the most under-rated books ever written by John Green. One can easily connect with the characters of the book and can bring back the memories of old school days. Most of the time one would connect with the narrator. The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary. It has  a simple story line with not so simple characters, but it leaves one wondering. On a personal note, this book is so far the best book John Green has ever written.

2. An Abundance of Katherines’:

download (1)In 2006 John Green released his second book called Abundance of Katherines’. The book is about Colin Singleton, who has always dated girls with the same name ‘Katherine’. The book begins with Colin being dumped by Katherine, who was the nineteenth Katherine he had ever dated. All he can recollect from his past relationships with all the Katherines’ is how he was dumped. After being dumped by the nineteenth, his best friend and only friend of his, Hassan Harbish convinces him to go on a road trip in him in order to be able to help him to get over his recent break up with the nineteenth Katherine.

Like a typical John Green Book, this book makes you feel a lot of emotions like anger and sadness and he makes sure that you grow attached to the characters in the book. You tend to hate and love the characters at the same time and at times you can also find some similarities between them. If you enjoy reading books which are not that long and leave you wondering, well this is a must read then.

3. The Fault In Our Stars:

The_Fault_in_Our_StarsWho hasn’t heard about this book? With the movie coming out this book has become extremely popular. The Fault In Our Stars was John Green’s third book, which led him to win him his second Printz Prize but also it became a New York Times Best Seller. The book mainly revolves around Hazel Grace, who is suffering from Lung cancer and Augustus Waters, a boy whom she meets in a Cancer support group who was previously suffering from osteosarcoma but becomes free of cancer after getting his leg amputed. The story is narrated from Hazel Grace’s view point. The story basically revolves around the both of them and how they become close and how their fate twists and how they travel to Amsterdam, so that Hazel could meet her favorite author and to discuss the book and the what-if ending that had her wondering for so long.

This book is not a clichéd cancer book. It makes one wonder and somehow when you are halfway across the book, you can guess what is going to happen in the end and how much John Green is going to hurt you with just a simple fictional story. The book is for those who are a sucker for romance, but then again it is not the kind of romance one would expect. It is more of an emotional connect. By the end of the book you are left wondering whether to be sad or be happy. One tip if you are reading this book and are emotional: Please do not read the second half in a public place.

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