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The Music Therapy


Music during workouts is not only fun but also useful. Yes, a latest study showed that it also helps you remain healthy and sleep better. Be it you bass-thumping music or a relaxed number or your favorite playlist, it helps you to relax properly and strengthens your heart too. Well to keep knowing about this more, read the entire article and you will be surprised to know the various other benefits of music other than entertainment.

Replace your pain-killers with a dose of Good Music:
Think of a day when you are all sweaty and are enervated like anything and you have a meeting scheduled afterwards. The first thing you do is take medicines and relieve yourself from the pain. However do you think it is a good option? No, it is not. The reason is side-effects of the pain-killers. So why not take an easier and cheaper option which soothes you instead! Play your favorite playlist and forget the pain you were bearing.


Acts as the Booster
Research has found that the rate at which a person pedals bicycle increases manifold if he/ she is listening to music. Often you must have observed loud music playing in gyms and aerobics classes, they are there to increase the rate of the activity happening. Joggers run with their iPhones on. Also it breaks the monotony of any activity while motivating the person to do the same. I remember my own experiences when while running on the treadmill I often cross an extra mile or two when I am listening to my favorite track.

Helps you giving a sound sleep
It is said that classical or soft music helps people overcome insomnia. Listening to soft music at night or when you are tired helps in inducing sleep as it relaxes your mind and you tend to find the peace necessary for sleeping.

Music makes me eat less
Yes, whether or not you believe this, music distracts you from doing a lot of things including smoking craving and a heavy diet. A study proved that if there is dim lighting and a soothing music playing during dinner, a person tends to eat slow and eventually consume less food than his/ her regular diet. A great weight loss tip ain’t it!

My blood runs faster
It is proved that because while listening to music a person feels happy and relaxed, the flow of blood in blood vessels increases.

Relieves from stress and depression
How many of you have actually tried music for stress-bursting? In case you have not, let me assure you that it will work for you. Music as mentioned earlier shifts your focus from a problem towards a calmer journey inside and helps you forget about a particular problem. Music helps in triggering the stress-busters or the bio-chemical stress reducers or the anti-stress ninjas and thus reduces both stress and depression related issues.
Coaches sometimes advise players to listen to their favorite track right before critical actions like the game-point shot or before exams or before the selection performance or before a critical surgery, all these are not myths but are actually scientifically proved. Practice and you will observe the results! Researches prove that music causes effects such as when dopamine is released in brain and therefore arouses a feeling of pleasure.

Focus & Music
Now it may not be applicable to everyone.. but in a lot of cases, music helps in increasing one’s concentration. It is proved that music induces a different state of alertness. Now I do believe my best friend who has ear-plugs on a night before exam! Don’t believe me try it yourself, I have.
You know what a not so popular fact is, that there are certain things which are enjoyable yet are very useful and make us live in a sound manner! Music is one of them, it is everywhere but you need to find out which kind of it helps you in which way. Apply this suggestion and soon you’ll feel healthier and better!

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