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Moderating Greens


Moderation is the most harped about concept according to dieticians. It is not about cutting out on all the fat, it is all about eating right. So how do we moderate? Start avoiding junk food, try and stick to salad and lean meat, work out regularly. Do not avoid meat completely; it is equally important to your diet contrary to popular belief. So in order to introduce moderation in tour food plan today we will talk about a list of vegetables and fruits which pack immense amounts of required nutrients. These are easily available in the market and even easier to cook. Start noting them down for your grocery list!

Sea Buckthorn
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According to Brooke Alpert Sea Buckthorn is the source for youthful beauty. He is the founder of B-Nutritious in New York City. It is said to contain the highest natural source of omega-7 fatty acids, as well as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and over 190 phyto-nutrients. The best part is it’s a staple at most juice joints and it can be combined with anything ranging from teas, jellies, purees and sauces as well as directly applied on the skin.


Another extremely tasty and healthy fruit that should be inducted in your diet is Plum. Research shows that they increase the body’s ability to absorb iron, related to its high content of vitamin C, plus act as a rich source of antioxidants. They improve the immune system if consumed regularly. More than anything it appeals to your taste buds, which rarely happens with the usual “good for health greens”.


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Arugula is in season from spring to early summer months and contains eight times the amount of calcium, five times the amount of vitamin A, C, and K and four times the amount of iron compared to traditional iceberg lettuce according to Kantor, author of the Green League of Nutritious Justice. So make sure to add this one to your diet.


This seaweed or algae is rich in vitamins, calcium, plus chlorophyll and has many health benefits. According to Alpert it enhances the metabolic rate and increases energy levels. It is also very easy to cook, since you can add it to any soup or even stir fry it. It is convenient and


The cannabis plant is naturally rich in protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids according to Alpert. This means it has tonnes of body benefits including supplying every single cell in your body with the required nutrients. It also helps you maintain the perfect muscle, tissues, bones and organs. Sprinkle hemp seeds or hemp protein in your cereals or fruits for breakfast. You can also add it in your smoothie.


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Rhubarb is available round the year. Their distinct red stalks resemble celery and can be used as a natural sweetener when tagged with other fruits. And it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins including, calcium and lutein, which has major benefits for the skin and eyes.

Micro greens

Although these were once used to garnish fancy dishes at top notch restaurants, these tiny vegetable greens are high in vital nutrients including vitamins K, C, E, lutein and beta-carotene, and are important for skin and eye health and are also in the meal spotlight. You can use it instead of lettuce for your salads for an extra health boost to your meal.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, according to me is the best thing that has happened to mankind. From hair, skin, to the interiors of our body, it improves every condition. It helps the digestion process, and also lowers sugar levels. Pick up a bottle and pour into your smoothie to help give an all-green mix for a sweeter, and easier to swallow taste. Use the gel for healthy, glowing skin or use it to condition your hair. One fruit for everything!


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Sprouts are full of fibre and Vitamins A, B – Complex, C and E. But the most important part is that they boost energy. More energy is a source of motivation for exercise, so that right there helps you shed the extra pounds. So add them to your salad and load up on all the nutrients.

Pomegranates are very low glycemic, which means they do not have a negative impact on blood sugar level. And compounds in pomegranates have been shown to have positive effect on blood vessels, reducing the risk of cardiac arrest and high blood pressure. You can try them with your salad or smoothies.

So now that we know the exact details of the greens it is important to add that to our diet to reap the benefits which will include healthy skin, healthy hair, increased metabolic rate, increased immunity and high energy levels. It is essential to eat right, and by that I do not mean a diet. Going on a diet is not essential, but consuming food items which are beneficial for your body is of utmost importance. So let’s just forget about the concept of a diet and add these ingredients to our meals to eat healthy and feel healthy. I can guarantee that within a month your body is going to be ten times more healthy and fit than what it is right now.

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