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The Mistress of Spices!


The language of food never changes. It bonds the entire world together. All cuisines are now found all over the world. We love to experiment with food. It is the new trend. We see so many shows on the television these days. Like Masterchef, Top Chef and so on. These shows are thoroughly entertaining. But, I think, that the youth of today just stops with these shows and does not actually go into the kitchen and whip something up. People are too busy with their lives to create a good meal for themselves. Normally, just outside ‘junk food’ does it for us. That is sad. For the youth of this country, the art of food has just started being discovered, if anything. What we don’t know is that cooking has so many added advantages as well.

Remember those times when we were all kids and our moms would make us such sumptuous meals that we would go crazy for? Even the simple pulses and ladyfinger recipes had us screaming with delight. Nowadays, that spirit of ours has been lost somewhere while we have been busy leading our lives. I often wonder why people just don’t take out on e day in a week to create something pretty and eat some good food. Is the junk food so appealing for every day basis? Does it equal the home made food? Do you not miss your mom’s cooking? Don’t you miss the spices?

Personally, I look cooking. But, I love baking more than I love cooking. The people my age that I know, they do not cook. They do not realize what a joy they are missing. The smell of cupcakes in the kitchen: I don’t think there is a better smell than that. The smell of spices brewing up in your own personal kitchen land. The refreshing and relaxing fragrance. All this one can only feel and not describe in words. Here are a few added benefits of being the mistress of spices!

1) Pure food

When you are cooking yourself, you know how pure or organic the food actually is. When we trust strangers with our food, there is no way of making sure what quality is being used for your food. It may even be fatal to your health. As it is, we all know how difficult it is to find pure food items. Making your food yourself is a more reliable option any day!

2) Budget Benefits

If you calculate what food are ordering or just heating up frozen food, you will realize that that food is more expensive. When you make everything from scratch, you save money. It is better make our food own than buy some expensive convenience food.

3) You Spend Quality Time With Your Family

In this busy world, I know how difficult it is to find time of ourselves and our family. Having a meal together brings the entire family closer. We get to share things like how the day went, any major events and so on. Haven’t you heard the phrase that a family that eats together stays together? If you include your kids in the cooking process, they will also learn a great deal and maintain healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.

4) Nutrient Levels

When we know what we are cooking, we tend to think about the nutrients as well. We all know how important nutrients are for our bodies. When we start taking interest in making food, we start thinking about the nutrients also. This results in healthy eating habits.

5) Relaxes Our Minds

Cooking involves concentration and waiting for the results anxiously. When we cook, we get so lost in the world of spices that we forgot about all our problems for a while. Cooking has a lot of variety and variety is the spice of life! When we focus on slowly chopping the vegetables, smelling the aroma of the spices, it is know to have a therapeutic effect. Some people I know have started cooking for the very same reason. Sugar and spice is nice!

Food has a lot of flavors. Different spices have different flavors. Spices can make or break the entire dish. It is important to know the portions of spices that are needed to balance all the flavors. Cooking is beneficial on so many levels. It is good for you, your husband and your kids. Home made cooking is healthy eating. What more do I say?

If you are a stranger to cooking, then you all know how the internet is overflowing with recipes of dishes from all over the world. It is important to learn the skill. It provides us with a skill for survival. How much time can we go on with our lives eating food out of a takeout box? If you are someone who prefers a book instead of websites, then you should get cookbooks from authors like Martha Stewart, Nita Mehta, Pooja Dhingra, Sanjeev Kapoor, Martha Day and so on. Research the books properly before buying them. You should know if the writing style and knowledge provided is enough to help you make a delicious meal.

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