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Missing Beauty Sleep-No More.


Lying in the bed till 2’o clock,turning from one side to another every now and then.I keep staring at the ceiling.Every possible scenario,ground breaking ideas ,past events all come up in my mind with lightning speed.And they just keep on flooding up.I keep waiting for them to stop so that i can sleep.But they just won’t stop.It’s not like i have some disorder or something like that.It’s just that sometimes i can’t sleep in the night.Neither I’m in some traumatized condition nor am i facing some disaster.Well,we all face such a situation now and then.Turning from side to side.Trying to figure out a way to sleep.

Most of the people experience this in today’s world.The problem is more widespread among adults and teenagers.The fast paced lifestyle has many perks,but it has some flaws too.One of them is banishing people of their beloved sleeping hours.

And if you are reading this at 2a.m.,don’t worry ,we have some measures which would help you have a good night sleep.Most probably one of the measures will help you have a good night sleep.The ancient ritual of counting sheep will not be suggested here.All of us know that method and have tried it.But ,does it work? Maybe for some people,the lucky ones.Most of the people find it useless.

So here are some tips which might help you snooze in the night-

1.Try creating situations .Often building up a story helps.The story seems like a dream when you are finally asleep.This will help you shut off all the other thoughts running in your mind.Your mind will eventually focus on building the story which at last might get you off to sleep.

2.Make a bed time routine and follow it regularly.After a while your brain will send signals making you sleep on time everyday around that particular time without much efforts.

3.Thinking that you need to be asleep by now,it’s getting late or my partner is sleeping why am i not able to sleep,if i don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep i won’t be able to work properly tomorrow, won’t help at all.So try that such thoughts don’t come to your mind.

4.Sip some hot milk before sleeping.The fact that hot milk helps sleep is not scientifically proven but our minds psychology that it helps in sleeping might just get you a good night sleep.

5.Drink chamomile tea before going to bed.It helps soothe your muscles.

Chamomile Tea

6.Sleep in a noise free zone .Lesser the disturbance better the chances if sleeping.

7.Do not keep the lights switched on while sleeping.

8.Listen to some slow songs .They help some people sleep,you might be one of them.

9.Do not sleep during the evening,it makes sleeping in the night at appropriate time a very difficult task.

10.Try humming something spiritual while trying to sleep.This again has some psychological connection.

11.Attention, lazy bums! It has come to our notice that most of you are doing a PhD in lethargy these days.Maybe simply that is the reason for your sleeplessness.Go out!Do some physical work ,you will be able to get proper night sleep.

12.One more silly but worth a try method to sleep – try reading.Read books novels,course books anything.I’m not suggesting you to read something very interesting,infact try reading something boring.Like students can try reading their course books,it’s the ugly truth that it makes you sleep as soon as you start.

Reading books before sleeping

If you experience problem in sleeping at night,you might be suffering from the problem of Insomnia.The problem of Insomnia is very common among people.It can be caused due to a lot of factors including problems related to work or home,tension etc.Some advice for people who experience this regularly –

1.Have a meal rich in carbohydrates before sleeping .

2.Yoga ,meditation help in getting you to dreamland if practised over a long period of time.


3.Reduce nicotine intake and smoking.

If you have sleepless nights regularly or very often consult a doctor.Do not take this matter lightly. We all need to have a proper sleep before going to work or performing our chores of everyday life.If one does not get proper sleep the efficiency of the person decreases.Lack of sleep can make a person irritated ,cranky,inefficient at times.

Infact we all know that sleep is important part of the body routine.This time is utilized by body to rest the systems of body so that they could get over their weariness due to working all day. Sleeplessness should not be taken lightly.It’s not a thing to look over.

Drifting off to the magical land of dreams while sleeping is the best gift one can get.All your wishes,everything you want can come true at that place.Alas! It’s not real but you can still rejoice those things for some time .So why leave a chance to drift to that magical land and most importantly provide your body with the rest it needs.Do not overlook sleeplessness.Try the above listed methods which will aid you in sleeping.If nothing works and you have been experiencing this from a while ,go see a doctor because over time it can affect your health .

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