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Mind Your Own Business!


We often complain about how the society always has a negative opinion about what we do, that they do not understand us. In today’s world, it is really annoying when someone unwanted tries to interfere in your business, is it not? How we wish they could just stop and get a life! Well, let us change the angle and assume one single thing. What if WE are the ones who find it difficult to mind our own business?

Many a times, we do not come to realize whether or not we are annoying the person next to us. Maybe it is high time for us to know the truth about where we stand on the social scene. As for “minding our own business”, gossip mongers find it hard to resist. People talk. As simple as that. It is almost impossible to find a person who is truly a beautiful human being. In those socially awkward times, I think we should learn how to mind our own business and extent a huge social service to the people around us.

Normally what happens is that we are so used to behaving in a certain way that we do not even realize how and when we cross the limit and start poking into others’ business. There are certain things we can do and understand to stop us from indulging in such a bad manner. One simple way is, seriously, get a life. As simple as that. You know what happens when you mind your own business and maintain that cordial social distance? Well, for one, people develop some genuine liking and respect for you!

Commit to memorizing the following points regarding the same:

1) No one asked you!

Rule one is that you mind your business when you haven’t been asked to interfere. If someone respects your opinion enough, they will ASK you to help. You don’t need to butt in everybody’s business. You are NOT a world peace worker. You need to understand the boundaries and the importance of being ASKED to be involved in a certain matter.

2) You don’t know the exact thing

When no one asks you for help, it is a guarantee that you do NOT know the entire story. No matter how much you think you are, you don’t. So, stop thinking that you know everything and let the poor person solve the situation via self help, unless asked! Remember, no interfering in personal or professional business unless asked!

3) It doesn’t affect you

It is the problem of the person next to you. NOT yours. So, you have no need or reason to interfere. Had it affected you, you should act accordingly. But, when it does not, you shut up. No one needs an interfering, annoying person around them.

4) Your happiness is not equal to their happiness

Never be judgemental. Sure, there will be times when you will dislike what the other person is up to. But, remember, it does not concern you and you should not interfere and force your own view on the other person’s business. It is hardly necessary that your likes and dislike are the same as that of others.

5) Stop gossiping

Gossip is the root cause of all social evil. You stop gossiping, you stop interfering in other people’s business. That is a golden rule. Keep yourself restricted only to the things that involve you. You have a life to care for. You should not have time and energy to interfere in business other than your own.

6) Keep busy

Another way of falling in the way of sin by interfering in other people’s business to to keep busy. When you have a lot of work on your head, you won’t find the time and the strength to poke your nose in someone else’ business. Only bored and lazy people like to gossip. When you are busy, you do not get time to gossip and create social ruckus of any kind.

7) Imaginary boundaries

In every relationship, there is an imaginary line between the two people. This line forces you to mind your own business. If you step that boundary line even once, the dynamics of the relationship changes. So, it is better to stick to the limits and maintain a cordial relationship.

Some people, minding their own business comes to them naturally. While some people sniff for social trouble. The second kind is hardly respected. So, beware and choose wisely the category of people want to belong to. Life is full of people. The society will try and drag you in the mud that has all the gossip mongers who popularize unhealthy social customs. It is only your own choice whether you want to be dragged in the social mud or not. Minding one’s own business is not that difficult. All you have to do is be content with who you are and not try to lead the lives of other people.

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