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Who does not want to be as brainy and sharp as Newton and Einstein? Do you have it all what it takes to be like those scientists? Do you have the brains and the ability to solve the math’s and physics problems within no time? I am pretty sure no one among us would be having that. Moreover we have been put into thinking that our brain starts to develop while we are already in the womb. That is why mothers are advised to watch good serials while they are pregnant and listen to melodious songs. Once we are born, our brain development continues till the age of five. So it is not in our hands to be able. We often blame our parents for not providing with the necessary tools and techniques for brain development while we were still young. But the time has come when you can stop blaming your parents and finally getting your brain exercised for some serious good. Scientists are showing us that even after the age of five, we have the capacity to rewire our brain circuits and grow new neurons. Would not it be fantastic to be able to transform oneself into a think tank? Let us look at a few steps which we could incorporate in our daily life to get our brains in shape.


Aerobic exercises can be done at any age and are the best for your brain development. So go out and get moving. Do not go running around a marathon race. You will end up with cramps. Start by walking short distances for a while and then increase your duration. You can also go for swimming or any outdoor sport. Bicycling is good for your health. It helps in sweating it out and leaves you feeling afresh. Dancing can be both beneficial and rejuvenating for your brain. It will build your muscles; contribute towards your bone health, improving cognitive functioning such as decision making, resolving conflict and improving your focusing and attention power.


Meditation is supposedly a calming practice which stimulates the hippocampus of your brain. It is the large part of the brain which helps to store information and assists in the spatial navigation. Anything that supports the hippocampus is good for you. Meditation is a powerful brain booster. Start with about 5-10 minutes of training your mind. The induction process is very slow. Build it up to 30-120 minutes of practicing and you will master the art. Only thing is that patience is the key to mastering your brain. Avoid stress. If you meet someone who makes you feel about yourself, then run as far and as fast as you can. Never let an iota of stress enter your brain because it will be like a virus spreading throughout your brain activities and influencing every one of them. It is true that at times, terrible things happen to us and we are unable to cope with the circumstances. But we will have to get over our troubles in order to think carefully about their solution otherwise we will end up taking all the wrong decisions and missing out on life’s once in a while chances.


Sleep and do not sleep as much as you can. Night hour’s sleep of about 7-8 hours is sufficient and necessary. It stimulates brain connections and new growth. An overactive mind is more dangerous than a tired brain. Hence whenever you feel you are thinking too much and letting the negativities enter your mind, let it go and have a sound sleep. Do not get bored of anything. Eliminate boredom by inducing curiosity and work on your attention. Boredom is the enemy of an active and energetically dominant brain. Do something that stretches your potential and makes you feel uncomfortable. Step beyond your comfort level and see if you are working towards your goals. Make it to your daily routine to check out one small goal every day. Do brain teasers, Sudoku and puzzles. Build your vocabulary and practice math’s techniques. Exercise your mental abilities to keep them strong and actively going. Use your left hand whenever possible if you are a right handed person. Leonardo da Vinci was an ambidextrous and I need not elucidate his advancements and fame. Brush using your left hand or try to eat food.


Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. They are a rich source of phytonutrients and antioxidants. The nutrients are the food sources for your brain and the antioxidants help to protect your cells. Avoid Trans fats as they will harden your cell membranes and you will become a thick headed baboon. Eat as much carbohydrates as possible. Include about 80% fruits and vegetables in your diet. The more fiber you consume, the better. If you are a vegetarian, then it is high time that you start to eat fish, chicken, mutton and other heavy sources of proteins. They are loaded with amino acids and help to maintain the required neurotransmitter levels. There is good news for those who have a sweet tooth. Eat dark chocolate. It increases the blood flow to the brain and heart. It regulates blood sugar. Too much or too little of which will kill you.

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