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Memorizing was never so easy!


Isn’t it always a problem to memorize stuff? Not the song lyrics of course but something that is related to your academics can always give you some pain in your brain to mug it up. Some might say that there is no need to memorize stuff whatsoever; but in most of the theoretical subjects, you do need to memorize things. Moreover, if you have a presentation to do in your office, you must remember all the points when you are delivering your speech. So how do you ensure that you memorize things quickly? Here are a few mental health improvement tips which will help you have a grasp over your own brain’s immaculate strength of memorizing!


Mental Health: Tips to memorize things!

Write it down!

This is the basic to any learning process. Unless you write down the things, you will never learn the art of remembering things. When you write down the points, they automatically get into your brain and your chances of remembering it later is way more than your own expectations. Memorizing can be done through only oral practices. You need to make use of the right resources. And the most ideal among these resources is a pen and a paper. So the very next time you plan to memorize certain things, look up to the notebooks and pen and start jotting down the points.

Have a plan in mind

Yet another important aspect of learning and especially memorizing things is having a clear cut plan about what to memorize and what not to. You should not indulge yourself in extreme preparations which include a mismatched and confused planning. So before you start, you must make note of the things and the points you want to cover in your preparation time. This helps you to focus a lot more when you start to memorize as you have a crystal clear plan in mind about the things to accomplish at that particular point of time.

Segregate the learning materials

Whenever you have a task in hand, it is always important to have a good organized resource planning. Sometimes you don’t feel like learning anymore simply because of the reason that you find yourself too much messed up among the resources. You start studying from a particular resource and then you realize that you have another book or learning material which you can refer. So you switch over but then get confused and eventually you are bound to get messed up. So always segregate the resources that is available with you and then you should start memorizing the things, this is the right way to go about the things when it comes to memorizing tougher subjects.

How about listening?

This is another cool idea that will make you ask yourself why you didn’t do this earlier. When you have some statements or laws for memorizing, you should record them in your voice. Then later you can plug in the earphones and roam around places. The people around you would be startled and they will start wondering how a guy can be so calm and composed and simply listen to some music at a time when he is supposed to mug up and be memorizing so many things! They will never know what you are listening to (unless they take your earphones). For them, it would be a big thing and they will only wonder that its music that you are listening to but in reality you are preparing up your brain and memorizing things in an innovative new way. So stay cool and get your preparations done at the same time.


Teach things to people

You will never enhance your knowledge by keeping it to yourself. This is what we all have been hearing since the ages. But the fact of the matter is that it is indeed a true statement although we might not find it as interesting as it is always portrayed. When you teach people, you own brain starts to brush up the things. The probability of you understanding the concept to greater extent increases manifold. The moment you revise again to teach others or during the process of teaching someone else, you may find yourself learning a few more things which you could not catch up with the first time you read it. So when you done with your first step of memorizing, go to someone who needs your help and start teaching the person. This is the best way of memorizing things and by doing so, you are also spreading the knowledge.

Read, and read again!

The old adage says it all; practice makes a man perfect. So the more number of times you read a particular thing, the more are you chances to remember them. When your first read the stuff that you are expected to memorize, you just need to take a rough reading. The second time you read it, you make sure that you catch up with every line. The third time you read, just brush up things. You will notice you know everything.


Don’t just mug up

You should not only mug up the things like a parrot. Try to understand the things as well. When you understand things, you have a greater chance of recreating things at the time of execution.

These little exercises can keep your mental health in the pink of forms. Do not study. Do smart study.


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