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Meditation : A real key to greatness


Meditation is an omnipotent panacea for all kinds of illness , confusion , and the feeling of being lost in life. It elevates one to that position in life from which the difference between need and wish , want and necessity and self image and real self becomes clear. Meditation is the art of relaxing yourself by concentrating in silence. It facilitates attainment of peace and happiness. Meditation is one of the biggest  “Do it Yourself”  thing when it comes to making decision , seeking career advice or when you find yourself at crossroads. The careers that have evolved out of our confusions like Career counselling , motivational speaking , psychiatrists etc wouldn’t have been there if we all would have given ourselves to the magic withheld by this powerful technique. Somewhere in the midst of the hustle of urban life, sound and rush of traffic , demanding jobs and cut throat competition we have forgotten this ancient art. Pills , drugs , medicines , Life coaches come as a much more handy solution to this Gen X in front of which meditation seems to them like a far -fetched philosophical and mundane thought. They refrain from it as it is found boring . But what they forget is that all the motivational talks, drugs , counsels are temporary external solutions for our problems. A conflict , problem or confusion arises from diverging of our own line of thoughts. Since the brain cannot converge at one point the fleeting mind runs to invest it’s energies in 10 things at a time which gives rise to all these prior mentioned things.It is a rational deduction that seeking help from outside or rendering yourself completely dependent on other in situation of Mental Turmoil is no greater than running away from the opportunity to strike the right chord with yourself and knowing yourself better.

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Meditation should by no means be considered synonymous with sainthood or old age. In fact it is the need of materialistic and rash youngsters to whom riches define the world. Desiring material things is human nature but engaging in things for happiness is what everyone needs to have.  Meditation would definitely make one rise above all such temporary desires which take an investment of time and energy much more than it’s worth. Meditation allows one to work at optimum capacity and make efficiency a habit rather than goal. It also grooms a person on all the three levels viz Physical , Mental and Soul. How can one aim to achieve his goals or happiness when he is not “Aware” . It is indisputable truth that awareness is not independent of Meditation . Meditation consolidates one on all the three levels and the result is , Greatness.  Running after fame and money to achieve greatness is taxing and unyielding . Don’t you think being contented and happy loving what you are doing and most importantly knowing what you want from life is a much more sure short idea of happiness? Being able to happy with what you have right now is true greatness. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed or bound in words immaterial of future holds something telling you that you will be able to keep yourself happy is the mark of great mind . And that mind is nurtured by meditation.

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Becoming yourself is more important than becoming something. That journey within is undertaken through meditation. It let’s us achieve that state of consciousness where we are empowered with the capability to answer all our questions.  Meditation has paramount importance today because there are many mediums and channels to baffle and distract our mind. Our mind requires to work at it’s optimum capacity which cannot be guaranteed by anything but meditation. Ensuring that we just font wake up but get up every morning can be done via meditation only. As i have discussed the  indispensable importance an relevance of meditation in our lives let’s get down to the reasons why is works at the best level to arouse our consciousness .

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Closing our eyes- Our eyes are the primary reason for attraction as our mind has a photographic memory and assesses everything via photos. Closing eyes ensures that this pathway is closed for  a certain amount of time and the mind can relax and operate at it’s maximum efficiency with the help of it.

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Awareness-Awareness is what one needs to be happy. Being aware makes you realistic and pragmatic. The state of consciousness achieved by meditation calms the mind and opens all the channels of energy as it consolidates the mind on all the three levels.

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Detoxifies thoughts-Meditation is best way to free yourself of all negative thoughts about yourself as well as others , complains and depression. It freshens the outlook as the body is so brimming with energy that action becomes more important than thought and positivity more important than negativity. It gifts the soul with a state of bliss.

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