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Making your Long Distance Relationship Work


Even in an era of connectivity, maintaining long distance relationships (LDRs) can prove to be very difficult. People who are in LDRs often find themselves in trying situations. For example, your significant other residing in a different city is having a difficult day at work. You cannot give him/her an immediate hug or a kiss to make it all right. You presence is only felt through a gadget- phone or computer. This tends to decrease the essence of human warmth in the relationship. How can you maintain your relationship for longer?

1. Schedule your time

Plan your day in such a way that you have a few hours dedicated to each other. You can use this time to talk on the phone, Skype or text. Make sure that you clear out your schedule completely during that time and dedicate your complete attention to your significant other.

2. Send gifts

Nowadays there are several online gift-delivery websites which provide services within 24 hours to location worldwide. Take advantage of such online forums and send your loved one cake, cards, flowers or jewellery from time to time. Include personal notes in the gifts to make it even more cherished. You can even make gifts on your own and courier it. It adds a whole new level of thoughtfulness to your gift.

3. Improvise

Monotony can spoil any relationship. So, try playing some games with each other. You can even watch the same movie at a particular time and be on the phone together to feel your presence. Discuss the recent places that you visited, the books that you read or the people you met. You can even download multi-player game apps, like Words With Friends, QuizApp and so on, that you can play together at any time of the day.

4. Reminiscence

To keep the fire burning, remember all the good times you had when you were in the same place. Relive those moments by talking it out and discussing how you felt. Remember the first time you confessed your love. Remember the first time you saw each other or your first kiss. These help to generate positive vibes in the relationship. It is proven that the human brain usually remember the good things in a situation. So, when both of you look back, you will find a lot of positive memories about your relationship floating around.

5. Visit each other frequently

Plan a visit every month or so. Save money for your trip and plan it in excruciating detail so that you don’t waste time planning later when you are together. Look up fancy restaurants, plays, cafes and bars to take your significant other to. You can also visit the conventional tourist places. Take pictures together so that you can keep going back to them when the trip is over.

6. Record stuff

There are sometimes when you miss your significant other and the phone simply does not connect or the internet dies for reasons of its own. This places another hurdle in the path of an already difficult relationship. An easy way to out is to record video or audio clips with personal messages that your loved one can listen to whenever he or she wants.

7. Communicate

It is important to keep the doors to communication as open as possible. Try discussing every aspect in your life. This makes your partner feel included in your life. It is very important that he/she not feel cut out from what you experience. This also helps you to prevent being lonely in a long distance relationship. Have conversations about everything under the sun- the food you, the things you saw, your boss, your colleagues and the list goes on. Don’t shy away from talking about your feelings- good or bad. Since your partner cannot see in you, in most cases, so he/she will not know your feelings that well through phone calls or messages.

8. Trust your partner

It is natural that your partner will interact with people of the opposite gender during their course of work or through mutual friends. You should not restrict your partner from social interaction. Show your partner that you trust them and keep an open mind about him/her socializing. Your significant will appreciate this and always keep to limits. Being very possessive is natural in a long distance relationship. You will often find yourself being jealous of other people spending time with your loved one. It is important for you to not aggravate yourself and the relationship with this issue.

9. Utilize your time effectively

You should realise that you have a very limited time together- through voice or video calls. You shouldn’t use this time to fight about minor issues. Fit in as much love and tenderness as possible in this time. Cherish the time that you get to interact through phone calls instead of inexpressive text messages.

10. Plan a trip

Sometimes it is difficult for one person to travel all the way to meet the other person. Instead of treating this as a difficulty you can treat it as an opportunity to visit new places. Look up beautiful places to travel to mid-way between you and your partner’s location. The internet is teeming with sites that can plan your travel if you can’t find time to do it yourself. Gift your relationship a honeymoon!

Long distance commitments can be difficult, but with the right attitude your love can blossom into a very stable and rewarding relationship.

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