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All of us for this time of the year,when our exams get over and we know we are at ease for a month.But,does that excitement stay for a week?Folks! remind yourself that you won’t get this time again once you get your placements and get busy with your respective jobs.So,relax and make the most of this break with these steps-




Exams,projects and viva took the entire semester within a click,right?Watch all the movies,or entire series of your favourite television programme that you have missed and yes there will be nobody nagging you to study.It can be your favourite movie you love watching again and again,any black and white movies,silent movies,documentaries and yes the Movies which have just released.If you don’t have any favourites in your mind,then we recommend to watch the top 100 movies listed on IMDb.Don’t forget to watch the trailers to be sure if that movie suits your taste.




Have you started looking dull after your exams? So hibernate!We also know how sincerely ,you have attended all the lectures early in the morning for attendance.This is your time now,sleep as much as you can ,refresh your mind and be prepared to welcome the next semester,but of-course after a huge nap.



Do you stay away from your hometown completing graduation?Pack your bags,and head back  to your homes,spend quality time with family and enjoy maa ke hath ka  delicious khana,visit all your relatives and get crazy with your old mates.




Don’t worry we aren’t telling you to read anything specifically related to fetching good grades,but those books which do catch your fancy.It can be novels of various genres ,even comics.Not only they will increase your vocabulary  ,improve and change the way you think but also reading can be  a lot of fun.You might visit a public library,or just read at home or online.Reading a newspaper daily can also make you feel worldly wise.




You don’t want to waste your semester break watching television,do you?So one of the best ways to make it productive is to learn something new.It can be a hobby like dancing,singing or cooking.You ay also learn a new language or any other vocational course like Java in computers,basic animation or learn how to develop an app or use Photoshop ,if you are a techy.



Love writing ?Get it to the people.Start your own blog at blogger,wordpress etc.Share your ideas,anything about your life ,uour plans,what do you do daily,future goals,etc.This is something which you can look back and remind yourself how you grew through the years.Your life will also get much organised and disciplined when you are sharing it daily with people.




This is the best time for you to pack your bags and go on a long vacation.Travel ,click thousands of pictures and eat all possible delicacies related to the place you are visiting. You can go to the mountains and hill stations during this time to get relief from the scorching heat.Also, these places are full of adventure .If not on a vacation,you might like exploring your own city.Visiting historical monuments,huge parks and the best places to eat and hangout with family will make you  aware to every street and niche of your city.




Transform yourself from fat to fit during this time.Head to the gym,join dance or aerobics classes,practise yoga daily.Sip water every hour and eat healthy to get that perfect body you desire.Exercising also releases feel good hormones and stimulates blood flow.Walk atleast for half an hour daily to remain active and fit.



We all are short of money during college and there is nothing to hide in it.Being an intern brings a lot of self confidence in you and is one of the best ways of utilizing this time.Not only you get to earn but also you gain experience in the industry and learn the skills to survive as a jobholder.There are numerous sites over the internet which has made internships much easier to access.These include lets intern,internshala,internlelo,twent19 etc.You can also work from home if you don’t want to go out everyday to far off places.But if you are fond off traveliing then international internships are recommended for you and they will shine in your C.V. or resume.



Pool parties are a rage everywhere now.So you should attend atleast one of them,make new friends and get clicked and dipped.You can also go out with friends and have a blast.Playing volleyball in the pool with good music is really fun.If not pool parties,you can hangout with your friends and explore the best places to eat and for other leisure activities in the city.




Act as a responsible citizen and work with a Non Government Organization(NGO). There can be no better joy than the joy of serving the people.It can be anything related to benefiting the society like  helping old aged people,teaching illiterate children,raising funds for homeless children,taking care of stray animals or making efforts for a cleaner ,greener planet.Not only this will benefit the society but will also make u feel responsible and sensitive towards peoples’ problems.






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