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6 Ways to Make yourself Eco-friendly


Now a day more and more people are going green. They have become cautious about the importance of showing love towards nature. People have realised the importance of protecting the environment. Governments from all over the world are spreading awareness regarding the importance of providing protection to environment. The scaring news of depletion in ozone layer has made every individual active and they are looking forward towards safeguarding the environment from the damage created by them. Damage in ozone layer is proved to be very harmful for every individual and plants. Ozone layer protects our earth from UV radiation coming from sun. UV radiations lead to many serious problems like skin cancer, sun stroke, extreme hot environment, and sunburns. These rays have also disturbed the green house gases balance.

1. Avoid your own vehicle for one day

no vehicle

If you truly want to save your environment then this work can really help you out in reducing the environmental damage caused by you. You can make a chart sheet in which you mark or write down those days when you can survive without using any private conveyance. In this ways the pollution created by your vehicle can be reduced. You can go for public conveyances. If you calculate then every time you drive your vehicle, you add around 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in your environment. But through this schedule you are not only contributing in environmental care but also making your health. This thing is not only beneficial for your environment but it is also beneficial for your health since when you walk then you do some extra work and so you lose some extra calories which is good to keep you fit and healthy.

2. Go for locally grown products

local food

Now a day people especially children go for junk foods or imported products which are proved to be very harmful your health as well as environment. Now the question arises that how those eatable products harm the environment? The materials used in such products are mostly imported from other countries through ships and aircrafts and during this journey the material gets older by at least 5-6 days. And so for keeping them fresh many harmful pesticides and insecticides are sprayed over them which not only harms the raw material but also gets dissolved in air and pollutes it. Now products which are required to be exported are grown with the help of many insecticides so that they do not get rotten away because of pest attack which is very harmful for your body.

3. Reduce the water wastage

save water

The main problem of water pollution in this world is wastage of water. It is usually seen that while you brush, you leave the tap open and a good amount of water gets wasted. Now that is a terrible waste of water. It is good to save water so that your next generation can also have access to sufficient amount of water. Water wastage leads to water pollution since the water you waste goes through pipelines to drainage system and in this way unused water gets wasted. So you should try to stop this water wastage. Repair all damaged taps which leaks out water. You must have heard the phrase “drop and drop water can fill the whole sea”. And if your taps are leaking and you are avoiding it by saying that only few drops are getting wasted then you are responsible for reduction in the sea level.

4. Go green

go greeen

Now the best thing you can do to protect your environment is to plant more and more trees. This is the thing which you can do without many efforts. There is no harm in planting more and more trees, in fact if you plant beautiful trees and shrubs in your lawn or garden then your garden will look more beautiful and stunning. Plants are very beneficial. They reduce the carbon dioxide level by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also hold the soil tightly with the help of its root, which reduces the problem of soil erosion. Plants also give you many natural gifts like delicious fruits, nutritious vegetables, and flowers with great aroma. Many herbs help in preventing serious diseases so plants have medicinal benefits too.

5. For nature avoid meat

no to meat

Now if you are a meat lover then you have to make some efforts to reduce the consumption of meat. You might be surprised to know that meat industries are counted as one of the largest contributors of green house gases. Around 18 percent of green house gases are emitted from such industries. If you avoid meat then it is not only beneficial for your environment but it is also beneficial for you and your health too. If you avoid or reduce your meat consumption then you can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your body, which is a very good thing because bad cholesterol may lead to heart attack or many other serious heart problems. If you are ordering meat then you are actually ordering the chef to cut an animal (who obviously do not want to die and become your one time meal).

6.Reduce electricity wastage

save electricity

You should save electricity. Extracting electricity is not an easy task. Many government authorities, scientists, and workers jointly do hard work and then they get successful in searching for a new source of electricity extraction. And you just waste that electricity in useless things. That’s a shame. You should turn off the plug point when your mobile phone’s battery gets full. You should turn off the light when you are leaving the room. You should go for CFL tubes or bulbs (they are electricity saving bulbs) so that you can save more and more energy consumption.

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