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6 points to keep in mind if applying hair gels!


Everyone loves to play with their hairs. Gone are the days when hairstyles were associated with women only. Today even men can’t survive with the same hairstyle forever. And hairstyle has undergone a huge change; there was a time when a new hairstyle meant in particular only to part your hairs in a different way. Today changing hairstyle means changing the entire way your hair looks, from length to style to colour!

hair style after gelling

Men and women both like to experiment with their hairs for a more attractive and pleasing look, after all, they are the crown of glory to us. Hair gels are the most sought after tools for experimenting with one’s hairs. Ask for any look and these hair gels will help you get exactly the same. Hair gels are mainly based on cationic polymers, the positive charge of which performs the role of rendering high viscosity to gel, making the bonding between gel and hair shaft easier and thus hair becomes capable of being in any position you fancy for a long time! Although hair gels are employed mostly by men, women substitute them with hair sprays mostly. But the effect of both is more or less same. This has always been a topic of concern for researchers. In-depth research has been carried out to prove whether chemical based hair products like hair gels contribute in hair and scalp problems like hair fall, hair thinning, scalp irritation and dandruff etc or not. Many may claim that application of hair gels is directly related to hair loss but you need not worry, because it has not been fully proven yet.

What actually happens is that use of hair gels makes your hairs dry, rough and brittle. And if you will not look after them well, then they are bound to fall. Ever gave this a thought? Ever wondered what these gels are doing to your precious hairs secretly? Alcohols present in hair gels can dehydrate your hairs totally by stripping off all the moisture present. Production of sebum gets significantly decreased and thus your hair becomes more prone to breakage. Other problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy and unmanageable hairs also come hand in hand with the use of hair gels. The pH level of your hairs and scalp also gets disturbs and if you have got your hair dyed of your favourite colour then mind you hair gels can very possible make that hair fade away. That’s not the end, they can make your natural colour fade too!  Just think that when you set your hairs upwards with the use of gels, you are even beating gravity! Imagine how strong the chemicals present in it are! Very complex compounds like Polyquaternium-11, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Tetra sodium EDTA to name a few are present. What they can do with our hairs is sometimes totally unpredictable! Hence, if you can’t live without styling your hairs with hair gels, then you must compensate their use with extra nourishment and care. Given below are few tips for the same.

1 Oil your hairs once or twice a week

The alcohol contained in hair gels makes your hair dry by dehydrating them badly. It also causes root deep damage. So, you ought to oil your hairs twice a keep to keep the situation under control. If, in case, your scalp secrets oil in excess making your hairs oily enough, then oil your hairs once in a week only. Go for coconut oil or olive oil for best results.

2 Keep your hairs and scalp clean

The harmful ingredients of hair gels should not stay on your hairs for long. Shampoo your head regularly. At least, rinse them with water regularly if you can’t shampoo often. All the chemials which might have accumulated on your hairs and scalp, need to be rinsed away.

3 Avoid using too many hair style products at one time

Never ever do the mistake of letting your hairs come in contact with many products at once and that too for long. If you have applied hair gel then forget about using hair straightners or hair curlers that day.

4 Go for Hair Spa

Hair Spa does wonder in repairing the damage done to your hairs. They nourish your hairs deeply as well. For strong hairs which are resistible to damage, hit your nearest Spa Salon once every month or once every two months.

hair spa

5 Deep Hot Oil Massage

Oiling your hairs is one thing and giving them the nourishment of deep hot oil long massage is another. The latter gives extra nourishment and makes your hairs lustrous. Your hairs deserve this VIP treatment once in a while.

6 Don’t gel too often, let your hairs breathe

Everyone demands oxygen for a healthy living, even your hairs. If you will keep them immersed in gel always then how are they supposed to get some fresh air? Moreover, once in a while you should take out time to repair damage, if any, caused by gels. And letting hairs come in contact with chemicals daily is a very bad idea, it can have drastic consequences on your hairs health.

Guys, just keep these above tips in your mind and get gelling your hairs like before for a funkier you!

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