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How To Love Yourself A 100%


How to love yourself? Many of us are going to answer this question something like – “What the hell you are saying? I already love myself.” But most of us are still craving for attention and want others to accept us. We can change our behavior and authenticity completely just to impress others. Trust me, this is not any form of self love at all. Self love increases when we let go of society’s expectations and we no more feel the need of taking approval of others. When we can be ourselves without somebody’s permission then we can say that we truly love ourselves. As a matter of fact, 90% of our self talk is negative because we put judgment on ourselves. We compare ourselves to other people and then become sad because we think that we don’t quite measure up. So, here are some of the ways that will help you in loving and accepting yourself a hundred percent.

1. Keep The Inner Child Alive


Just tap into your inner child and play more. Where do you feel more free? Just go to that place. Laugh until your belly hurts and then a bit more. There is a fact that we never grow up, we just learn how to behave in the society. This whole process makes us forget our inner child and we get caught in the trap of society. The kids are always present in the moment, they never feel guilt for the past and also don’t brag about their future. They are always in the state of bliss so it is very important to keep that little portion alive in us. Dance like no one is watching, do some silly things, sing aloud while walking. Yes, people are going to think that you are insane but trust me, when you will keep your inner child alive, you will be able to hear the music that others can’t. Keeping your inner child alive is all about loving yourself unconditionally and be very honest about your emotions. You are not feeling good then don’t hesitate to admit it. Just play your favorite song and dance to it or do something that makes you happy and keeps you in the present moment. You know what the purpose of life is? Yes. To live. The purpose of life is to live and if we can’t do that properly then our life has no meaning. So, it is very important to keep your inner child alive and have fun while you can.

2. Let Go of society’s Expectations


Conformity is a sin and we are not in this world to join the sheep walk. If we follow the crowd, we are going to end up where the crowd is but if we follow our own unique path then these people are going to follow us. Because they did not have the courage to step out of their comfort zone but we had. We all are actors and actresses here because we know how to behave in front of others and if you are not yourself in front of others, then you are performing. Just to please others, you are loosing your own authenticity. If you care what other people think of you then you are not going to grow internally because you will always feel the craving to be accepted by others. We often compare ourselves with others and start looking down on ourselves. We feel that they are more blessed, more powerful, more wealthy, more beautiful but the truth is that we all are blessed in different ways. We all are beautiful, wealthy and blessed in our own ways. We just have to learn to celebrate these differences. So, it is really necessary to let go of what others think of you. This is none of your business. If they like you, then its okay. If they don’t , then also its okay. By this you will feel more beloved to yourself and you won’t feel the need to be accepted by others anymore.

3. Stop Judging yourself


Loving yourself is not about being a narcissist. It is about tapping into your true self. You can only do that when you give yourself time, when you are not so hard on yourself and when you let go of this idea of perfection. Some of the most beautiful people are there on the planet, when you will see them you will feel they are beautiful but they don’t think they are beautiful. It is all about our perception of ourselves. To love ourselves totally we have to change our perception and realize that we are unique beings on this planet. We have come to this planet to create and become co creator. We are made from the same fabric as universe. So, we are not here to worship externally, we are here to serve one another. To love ourselves unconditionally we have to let go of the judgments we put on ourselves. We have to take the responsibility of where we find ourselves. We are in charge of our feelings and it depends on us how we feel about ourselves. We are in the driving seat. Nobody is flawless in this world, we just have to accept our flaws and these flaws are there for a reason. So, accept yourself fully and love yourself like never before.

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