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Lose Double Chin


Want to lose double chin in 6 to 8 weeks read the exercises which are given in the article practice them and help yourself! Double chain may be due to multiple factors some of them are gaining weight, aging and genes. If you stand straight with chin up people might not be bale to notice the double chin but that is a very temporary solution. The double chin might manifest itself when you tilt your head , cough or even laugh. There are some exercises to tighten the muscles and make you loose your double chin. The condition remains that you will have to be regular in doing them do not overburden yourself from 1st day onwards and do them at the recommended repetitions.

Exercise 1-

sit in a place take care to keep your spine straight but the position should be comfortable. Raise your chin and open your mouth as much as you can do not push yourself too much otherwise you might land up with a throat ache. Do not open your mouth too much. Be in this position and open and shut your mouth ten times. The chin muscle known as the mentalis and Platisma sternomastoid muscles both work together and are toned. This exercise exerts a gentle pressure on your chin and the front of your neck toning and tightening the muscles to make your face look vibrant and vanish the double chin
Exercise 2-

Place your lower jaw on the upper jaw and again raise your chin as you do these exercises you will feel tightening of your muscles happening. Repeat this at least 4 to 5 times according to your convenience and strength.
Exercise 3 –

Join your hands and cross your fingers and place them beneath your chin the pressure that you put should be very slight. It should not ache at any cost.
Exercise 4-

Chewing gum is spot exercise for face which helps in working and toning muscles. The muscles that chew are also the muscles that constitute your double chin. The best part is that you can chew gum without applying much pressure and you wouldn’t need to take out time from that busy schedule.
Prefer sugar free gums to avoid weight gain and tooth decay otherwise it is very nice for digestive system.
Exercise 5-Chin up chin down, sideways basically all around. Chin exercises are an excellent way of losing the stubborn fat on your neck. The other fruit exercises are to laugh it will aid in tightening your muscles.
Exercise 6 –

Hold your chin up take the tongue out while looking sideways and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat the same when looking on the other side. Another exercise in this category can be to raise your chin and throw kisses do that till 10 seconds and you will feel your muscles working.
Exercise 7-

Try a glycerin mask. Glycerin is one common element in all anti aging cream so if your double chin is due to your double chin is because of aging then this will certainly work for you. Take glycerin add several drops of oil and peppermint to it. This homemade mask can be applied 5 times a week for quick results. Apply the mask with cotton on double chin and remove it with cotton. Wash it off with cold water.
Exercise 8-

Eggs perform the same task as glycerin they tighten the skin and in addition provide nourishment to it. To make your egg masks at home separate the white egg portion and take to of them. Mix them in a bowl add lemon juice, several drops of honey, pepper mint and essential oil to it. Apply the mask on your skin for about 20 minutes. Rinse the mask off once the time is over and it is dry with cold water. A daily application of mask will reduce your double chin considerably.
Melons have the property to refresh and tone your skin use them to serve the purpose. It also helps to flush out the toxins from the body and also aids in weight loss. Extract juice from a fresh melon and apply it to your chin and neck area with the help of a cotton ball. If possible combine apple juice with melon juice it will further help and expedite the process of tightening the muscles. Leave the juice on for twenty minutes and wash it off.
Exercise 9- Raise your chin and hold it for 10 seconds than tilt it slightly down and hold for 3 seconds then take it back to same position and repeat 20 times for quick results. Move slowly to work the muscles and keep it moving up and down. Do not turn or twist your neck.
Double chin is also developed because of a sedentary lifestyle which is very common in today’s times and one can do a little to help it. But certainly if you want to look good and avoid ailments then exercising and eating healthy are a must. Otherwise one will have to resort to scientific and technological solutions which are short term and full of consequences. For instance surgery in case of double chin helps only till you are active. So help yourself with these natural ways.

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