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Long distance Relationships


It is often said that when two people are far away, they cannot love each other for long. Or to put it in another words, long distance relationships do not work well these days. This is what is the common perspective of the present generation. But then there are a few people who set themselves aside from this list and go on to have a very healthy relationship despite of being far away from each other. Their relationship looks so jovial that you might get envy and get green in no time. So what is the secret mantra for them? How do they manage to be so close despite of the physical miles between them? How do you practice the same and spice up you long distance love life? Here is a look down at the same.


Make long distance relationships work!

Stay in touch

This is the most obvious of them all. if you are staying away from your lover, you have to be in touch. Being in touch doesn’t mean that you forget all your daily chores and keep sending texts and messages to your lover. This means that you should talk to them atleast once or twice, share a few messages, if not more. This will make your lover know that you are still the same person and have not changed any bit. Get a good messaging app or maybe use some cheap message packs in order to maintain this long distance closeness.

Exchange Gifts

Do not get mistaken by the title when it asks you to exchange gifts. This does not mean you will spend all your earnings and savings to buy the gifts. Gifts here imply to the small things. You can give personalized stuff which can remind your lover of the good times and also time with you. A card would do or maybe a keychain? You can also give some of your personal belongings which will remind them of you. This sounds like an old movie love, but this is how these relationships work in the longer run.

Social connect

You should never be away from your partner. You should have a track of things about all the stuff they do. This does not mean interfering with their personal space but rather knowing about your partner’s day to day activities. Follow one another on social networking sites. Upload pictures so that your partner could see you despite of being far away. Keep liking and commenting on their posts and images in order to tell them that you still care. Have an occasional webcam chat, if not on a regular basis. This is the true secret behind staying connected with your partner who is miles away.


What’s the schedule?

Long distance relationships do not work on most occasions because people get irritated and disturbed. You should never trouble your partner when they are at work or are having a tough time at the work place or any meeting. You should always keep a track of each other’s schedule and plans. This will help to annihilate the chances of disturbing one another through unwanted calls and messages. It is in such situations that your sweet name becomes a nightmare for your partner and they decide to call it quits. So avoid this situation as much as you can!


Not too much communication!

This is another point which is somewhat related to the previous subtitle. When you try to communicate too much, you lose yourself and your own value in the eyes of your partner. Your partner has every right to get irritated if you message every now and then. You should accept the fact that the times have changed and the situation as well. Handle things maturely. Moreover, when you start communicating too much, you start running out of topics to talk about. This is the situation when your conversation goes to the level of “so what else”. This is the worst point in any conversation as it shows lack of interest in talking to you.

Stay honest

You should never try to take advantage of the fact that your partner is not able to keep an eye on you. If you really love your partner, you should refrain yourself from indulging in relationships with anyone else in your new place. You should have the feeling within and stay honest and loyal to your partner. You may be very sharp but at some stage of the other all your secrets would be out and that is bound to break your relationship. If you can’t resist your own temptations, then better not give a commitment in long distance relationships. Stay honest and love your partner.

It’s an opportunity

You should see this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your partner. You should know that by staying away, you love is going to multiply. It is often said that you know the worth of your partner when you are away from them. This is summarized by the quotation “I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.” So you should view the long distance relationships as a tool or a stepping stone towards a strong institution.


Long distance relationships are never tough. It is the mentality that matters and it is rightly said “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.”


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