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LOL – Laugh out Loud!




Did you know that laughing is used as a therapy to reduce the stress level in humans? Many people would be aware of this therapy and if you are not here I am with some of the information. Every human being deserves to be happy and make a happy living. Laughing out loud releases tension and keeps one free from all sort of tension. When we meet our friends or family the way we enjoy with them the way we laugh out all our problems makes us feel much lighter. We often take our life seriously and miss out fun from our life. We usually think about things which we should be least bothered about. We have one bad habit of living our lives up to the speed and keep comparing our lives to others and end up getting depressed. Once I was just browsing through some of the articles and I found out that children laugh for about more than 30 times in a day whereas adults often end up less than 15 times in a day. See such a big change from being small child to a grown up adult. 7.) Sometimes we feel to bring back our childhood and live that life again with no worries just enjoy, eat, sleep, play and all such stuff. As we grow up we all involve ourselves into a deep drama. We keep worrying about things and we feel depressed but laughing will reduce that you should always keep in mind. Because worries take you nowhere but we all end up in tension everyone deserves to be happy and smile around. One should take out a little time for themselves, meet our friends and laugh as much as you can with them you never know what road life will take you in future. We should literally praise the one who makes us laugh because there are rare ones who really cares for us and will try to make you laugh they are saints for me. Just kidding, but seriously it matters, the person matters a lot that makes us laugh. As it is said “Laughter is the best medicine” it is true proven by many. It cures and heals the wound deep inside at least for that moment and plus benefit is that we have such great memories to cherish for life long journey.

Memories are really helpful to everyone, it makes you cry sometimes but you will always laugh out on the mistakes you done in the past or any stupid things you do you will end up laughing in the future. So keep doing this silly mistakes and do such things that you won’t regret further. Technically if we see to the above seeing it is cure for our ill health but if we see in terms of normal language we can see that for temporary moment it heals your soul from inside and keeps you happy for that moment. It also helps you to bond with the people you tend to laugh so much. It’s not just the emotional healing that laughter helps but it is also proven that laughter reduces the stress level drastically as never imagined, no other theory works this well to reduce the stress. Not only this much but it is also found out that it lowers the chance of one getting health problems. Did you know that laughter may also help to look an individual much younger, attractive and cheerful? I know it’s not possible to laugh when you are deep down hurt and depressed, it is close to impossible right? Even when someone else is laughing loudly out somewhere you often end up thinking what retard he or she is but when you are one among them you don’t think that way, do you? No obviously not. Research has proven that people who have great sense of humor often keep their worries and depression out of their life and stay positive to every situation they face. It is not that hard, you all can give it a try it will help you to get rid of unwanted hurdles and tough times. There are so many laughter clubs opened up nearby every gardens and parks now-a-days. It helps you to keep fresh and energetic by killing the buildup tension and frets of your daily routine. Even doctors these days consult their patients to take up laughter therapy to enhance proper up keep of their health. Scientifically proven laughter helps to improve digestion and regularizes the hormone secretion. We shall overcome our health problems once we keep our emotional state of mind proper and for that we need just laughter and being happy. That is all we need to stay healthy isn’t this enough to stay long. It is the simple way right? Depression and anger are out happiness and good health is in.

Laughter is hence a universal language one can make a day of a stranger if given a smile to that person. One smile can make your day go well. Laughter is proven to be one of the best natural pain-killer. I personally suggest laugh to much so that when you grow old you grow with happiness and not with diseases. Keep laughing!




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