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Live-in Relationships: A new trend?


The society defines the live-in relationships as an act of living together by two people without actually getting married. Although some societies and cultures term this emerging thought of living relationships as unfruitful and unscrupulous, there are another group of people who stand in the favor of live-in relationships. There are many questions to ponder about. How far can a live-in relationship go? How sensible is it to get along with a person without being legally married to that person? Is the new emerging trend a safe thought for the modern day society?

Marriage is one the oldest institutions of human settlement and society. Marriages are termed as the unification of two souls and two people; more importantly two families. But with the ever increasing disputes post marriages and flurry of divorce cases being registered, it is a good thought to take a look at the other end of this story, the other possibility, the live-in relationships. Man is a social animal. There is not a single person on the planet who could claim that he can live all by his own and in isolation without needing any other person. But this is a more hypothetical thought. Every person needs a partner at some stage of life with whom he could share all his thoughts, dreams, aspirations, joys and sorrows. If you don’t want to get married, you are only left with the option of getting in the live-in relationships. Live in relationships is not a bad thing at all. Having a stereotype against it makes no sense unless you know about the pros and cons of being in a living relationship. Here is a look at both of them:

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Advantages Of Live-in Relationships

Less responsibility

In a living relationship, you don’t have to worry too much about the responsibilities, especially towards your family life. In the case of a marriage, you are always worried about your home, your children, the needs and dreams of your partner, their expectations from you and many more. In live-in relationship, both partners are on their own and all they need to look after is their own well being.

No Social Barriers

There are no societal norms that you are supposed to follow in a living relationship. You need not pretend to be happy if you are not happy just for the sake of your family reputation or any other concerns.

No one takes you for granted

In marriages, we often see that people take their partners for granted for the fact they know that even after a dispute, their partners are bound to come back to them. However in the case of a living relationship, people know that in case they have a fight, the partners are free to leave and moving on is an easier task. So nobody takes you for granted in living relationships.

Easier Break-ups and No Divorce

You are a free bird. The moment you realize that you are no longer in love or things are not as fruitful between you and your partner as it used to be, you always have the option of breaking up. In marriages, you can’t do this as there is a lot of family melodrama that follows and moving on becomes a tough nut to crack.


In live-in relationships, you have the freedom of going out with whoever you wish to, you don’t have any time bound constraints and you have all the freedom in life that you need. This is probably one of the major reasons why the youth is moving towards live-in relationships.

Move out and opt for a change

In live-in relationships, the moment you get bugged with your partner, you always have the option of going out and seeing someone else. You don’t need to undergo the legal procedures and stuff before moving out.

But as it is said, there are always equal numbers of negatives for the positives,


Disadvantages of Live-in Relationships

Lack Of Commitment

The biggest advantage of being in a live in relationship is also the biggest disadvantage. You are free to move out whenever you wish to. But this clearly shows your fickle mindedness and your lack of commitment. You will never get to know what being serious and mature is.

No respect for Marriages

As discussed above, the sense of responsibility never comes your way. You try to defy the logic of the oldest institution of the society, the marriages. Moreover, you disappoint your parents and at times end up defaming them.

Society and Religion

By going into a live-in relationship, you go against your society and religion. No religion permits you to sleep with your partner without getting married through legal procedures. The society criticizes you and you are certainly the ones who are famous for the right reasons.

What about your children?

You may never enjoy the feeling of being a parent if you are in a living relationship. In case you do get children, they are the worst sufferers of your relationship. They show lack of respect to their own parents and show lack of respect for the societal rules. In case you split up, your children do not get the love that they crave for. Live-in is just not meant for having children!

The pros and cons could be endless. It depends on you as an individual, what you want, what are you comfortable with. Take the right decisions and live sensibly.

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