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How to Live for a Hundred Years?


Nobody wants to die. Everyone wants to live for as long as they can. The human species have an innate longing to crave a place for themselves in the history. It is because of their desire to live for years, decades, centuries and ages. This takes us to the important question “Will you live till 100?”

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When humans started living on the Earth, the average life expectancy of a person would be 20-25. With time and development of brain and ideas, humans formulated a way to live long. In 20th century the average life expectancy shot up-to 30 years which was the greatest gain in the last 5000 years of human history. The significant leap can be accounted for due to the advances in health, education and lifestyle sector. People became more and more conscious of their conduct and were made available to greater facilities.

Entering into the 21st century has altered the way we look at age. With a dramatic change in almost everything, sadly, there are very feeble chances of a man to live up-to 100.

To complete a century of living, follow these simple things:

Manage Stress
All of us are well aware of the fact that negative emotions and thoughts can show damaging results on our health. Several researches have shown that chronic stress can actually shorten your life span. Taking too much stress can limit your living while leading to premature-ageing. Find a way to reduce stress and live calmer as a peaceful existence can improve your lifespan.Go out for a walk, endulge in your favourite activity, read, do gardening, cook or do simply do anything which makes you happy. Have close relationships with people you love be with. Spend your time with people who inspire you, this will keep you away from stress and depressive feelings while keeping you happy and occupied.

Learn to look at things differently when they don`t work in the way you want. Improve your mental quality by listening to some calm music or by meditating. don`t think too much about others, please yourself and smile.

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Don`t be a couch potato and give away your life for the sake of televison and playstation. Get up, get going. Move a bit, workout some more. You don`t have to be a gym junkie and you need not go out for regular jogs and take diet supplement to be healthy. Even a simple walk around your neighbourhood for 30 minutes a day can constitute as working out.

Stroll around with your bestfriend or your pet. Join a gym if you want to. Go for zumba or belly dancing classes if you want to break free from the mundane working out ideas. Take up any physical activity you like. There is a plethora of interesting activities available to keep you fit and healthy.


Eat Healthy

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Let go of the usual burger-coke diet at McDonald`s and opt for healthier food options by going to Subway this time. Ditch that big plate of French fries. Try something like the new tuna salad? Or a plate of freshly sliced fruits?


Make your choice!

If you want to live long and healthy the most important factor that you need to take care of is your food habits. Don`t eat too much junk, though some cheat days are allowed. Opt for the healthier option from the menu always. And stick to your plate. Never over-indulge in food. Don`t over eat and stuff yourself with so much food only because you were tempted to eat. Eat only when you feel like and eat in moderate quantities.And don`t forget to drink it up! Have at least 7-8 glasses of water each day.

Avoid Carcinogens

Carcinogens are harmful chemicals that cause irrevocable damage to your body. They enter into your body and try to ruin the cells and the tissues inside our bodies. They pose a great risk of fatal diseases such as cancer.

The best way to avoid these deadly chemicals is by quitting smoking. When people smoke they take in a lot of harmful gases and are thus at a greater risk of developing life-threatening diseases. By quitting smoking you can live up-to 10 more years.
Consume Antioxidants
Consumption of antioxidants can lead to decreasing the chances of developing chronical diseases like cancer. Drink a lot of tea, whether green or black. Even though green tea has several additional health benefits, both of these are antioxidants. If you are to make a choice between the two, you should definitely opt for green tea as it reduces the chances of heart attack and helps in losing weight as well.

Love chocolates? Great! We have a good news!

Having at least one piece of dark chocolate a day can keep you at bay from various diseases. These are a great source of antioxidants. What else? Chocolates keep you happy. The studies have shown that people who eat chocolates are happier as it releases endorphins into the body.

choco biscuits

Sleeping Schedule

You must develop a sleeping pattern. Sleep not only gives you the energy and time for your body to reactivate itself but it gives your body the time to regenerate and heal. If you do not have a fixed sleeping routine, you may fall prey to various diseases.

The ideal amount of sleep which each person should have ranges between 7-8 hours. Make sure that you at least sleep for this much time.

Keep in mind that over-sleeping and lazing around in bed can be worse than having insufficient sleep.

Follow these 6 effective steps by incorporating them in your lifestyle for a better and elongated life.

Stay healthy. Stay fit. Live long.

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