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Little Things You Do That Matter


Humans are social beings and it is a fact said again and again in history and in present. Living in a social circle, maintaining social relationships – whether in form of family, friends or acquaintances has always been a priority. Be it a mother and kid relationship or a Sibling relationship, relationship of lovers or relationship of friends.

Relationships, in today’s times, vary between different people and different groups.

Loving someone is more than just a feeling or something you say, it is shown in how you treat them and those little loving gestures you make. It is often the deeds, those small gestures of love and affection that are the most touching and happen to strengthen the bonds of intimacy. They are very clear demonstrations that the other person cares about you, is responsive to your needs and will go the extra mile to make you happy.

Apart from all the worldly things happening on natural basis, there are a plenty of things that take place on a smaller basis and yet mean a lot.

  1. Giving Hand Made Cards

Little Things You Do 3

Nothing spells ‘I care for you’ better than a Hand Made Card. A card you actually took time out for, a card you worked on to give to someone. It really means a lot when someone sends you a card, and that too made by hand, because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for being you! We all have busy lives, so in this day and age, it is easier and faster to write a quick email or send an e-card rather than personally handwriting something.

  1. Sticking or keeping notes

Little Things You Do 4

Leaving those cute little notes when you leave, maybe stick them under the magnets on fridge or keep it under lamp-shade or a place on which if it is kept it is bound to get attention.

  1. Dividing Chores

Little Things You Do 5

Now there is no hard and fast rule that only one person must be responsible for all the house hold chores, right? Nothing is sweeter than actually having your own little duties to abide to, little tasks on every day basis to pay heed to. Very equalizing, decentralizing, it oozes out the pressure from a single person’s shoulders. A relaxed family is a happy family.

  1. Forget flowers, bring home flower bearing plants in pots.

Little Things You Do 6

A person who owns a flower, which is termed as a beautiful thing, has to ay the price of owning that beautiful thing. Do you know what the price is? Well, the person has to see it die. Apparently, the presence of blossoming flowers can still be worked out! How about bringing home a flower bearing plant instead? The plant can be watered everyday and would have flowers blooming on it for years spreading the love and joy.

  1. Having a cup of tea together in morning


So, yes, life is hectic and everyone has got a life of their own, office work, school work, other work and what not. Catching up on each other’s lives is equally important as much as other works mentioned previously. A morning cup of tea together gives you a chance to have that exchange of stories and emotions! Getting up and starting off the day with a warm and short chit chat with your loved ones – sounds heavenly and think what an uplifted mood can do to your tasks for the day? Brilliance, I say!

  1. Being aware of the moods around

Now, this is a very very important point and how? Well, many of us react to situations instantly without realizing or contemplating how the other person might take the reaction as and that is from where the problems start to arise. So, if you have a point to make or a discussion to initiate, being aware of moods of those around would help you find a suitable time to carry out the talk peacefully and most adaptively.

  1. No screens evening at least one a week

Little Things You Do 1

Let me decode this one for you.
One of the most common problems encountered by modern day families is that their attention is fragmented as they are frequently on their mobile media devices. We are so plugged into modern technology that it seems like the spark in relationships is dimming much more quickly than it did in the past. To keep it alive and shining bright, it is a good idea to have a ‘no-screens’ evening at least once a week and give your family undivided attention that each of its constituent members deserve.

  1. Curb the complaints

Little Things You Do 2

Sometimes there apparently is more salt in food than required but sometimes it is really okay to not complain and eat the salty food when the person serving is so cutely in your service making and taking care of everything. You have to accept things will not always be perfect and there would be rough strides in between but complaining at a length over petty issues would only dig it deeper and won’t help in any way.

It’s all in the details, and the small gestures.

As mother Teresa said “We cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” By doing those small things, you are likely to have a great relationship, no matter what life throws at you.

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