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Light and Refreshing Summer Breakfasts


As much as one loves to savoir delicious steamed, baked, poached and all sorts of food in winters, summers is usually the time when we just tend to skip food and quickly grab a glass of slush. If that is what you are planning to do this summer too then not anymore. Have a look at these seven light and simply refreshing breakfast recipes that will make sure you never start your day empty stomach. And even your taste buds won’t have to settle for just anything. Because all of them are delightfully yum and extremely refreshing!

Morning Chia Pudding

summer breakfasts 1

We all just love pudding, don’t we? And this one is a very convenient and refreshing version that you don’t even need to prepare every morning. To make Chia pudding combine all the ingredients listed above and mix them well in a large bowl. You can keep this mixture in fridge for several days without it getting ruined. On a bright sunny morning just take out the mixture, top it with your favorite seasonal fruits and your breakfast is ready. One can add in strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas or any fruits they like and are easily available.

Fresh Breakfast salad

summer breakfasts 2

There is no denying the fact that salads are “oh so healthy” and when it’s made with fresh summer fruits then you need not have another reason to eat a bowl full of this. In a chilled bowl, add 1 cup chopped watermelon and ¼ cup peeled and chopped cucumber. Add in both red and yellow melon pieces to make it look more beautiful. Add a dash of lemon by squeezing in some lemon juice along with feta cheese and chopped mint. Mix it all well. The salad will not only taste fantastic but will also freshen up your body and mind.

Breakfast Parfaits

summer breakfasts 3

You can replace your regular plain yogurt recipes with this version because not only is this easy but also very refreshing. Microwave the apricot preserves on high for 15-20 seconds until they melt. Then add strawberries and toss them gently to let them coat. Place 4 parfait glasses and fill each of them with 1/4 cup yogurt followed by 1/3 cup of strawberry mixture. Again add some yogurt and then some strawberry mixture. Doing this will form pretty layers and give a blast of yummy taste. Top the glasses with 2 tablespoons of granola (low fat one) and 1 ½ tablespoons of your favorite nuts. Nuts will add just the right amount of crunchiness needed in this morning recipe. Parfait is ready to be served immediately.

Banana Split with Yogurt and Jam

summer breakfasts 6

The look of it is enough to tempt you but no there is no ice cream in there instead some health friendly yogurt. To make banana split with yogurt and jam split up a ripe banana lengthwise and pile it with some thick Greek yogurt. Warm some jam of your favorite flavor (I like mixed fruit) in a microwave for a few seconds. When the jam becomes runny, drizzle it over the banana and yogurt. Add some nuts and berries. You can add in almonds, cashews, raisins or any nuts that you like. Your banana split is ready to savor!

Tropical Cilantro Smoothie

summer breakfasts 5

Talking about summers and breakfasts how can I not include a smoothie? Not just a regular smoothie but a chilled tropical cilantro smoothie which will give you every feel of being on a tropical vacation. Gather all the ingredients and keep your blender and an ice tray handy. Combine all the ingredients in the blender and process until the mixture is smooth. Pour into a glass, drop in some ice cubes and drink immediately.

Fruit Kebabs with Ginger Lemon Yogurt sauce

summer breakfasts 6

This one is a pretty interesting recipe that children and adult would both love equally and it is also fun preparing it. First prepare the ginger lemon sauce. In a bowl add together all the ingredients listed for the sauce and whisk them well. You can also add honey if you like some extra sweetness in your sauce. Now get some wooden skewers to put the fruit kebabs on and start with it. You can put your children on this task as they will also enjoy doing it. Put the fruits in any order you like and when done with it place them on a platter. Drizzle over the fruit skewers the yogurt sauce you prepared and your breakfast is ready to be served.

Fruit Salad with creamy Lime Dressing

summer breakfast 7

This one is another salad recipe that can be your yummy breakfast or even a side dish for a picnic. First, start with making the dressing. Mix all the ingredients listed above and prepare your dressing. Now in a large bowl combine all the fruits and granola. You can mix it all together and make layers in any way you wish. For a little crunchiness, let the granola stay or otherwise mix it together with rest of the ingredients. Add on the dressing you prepared and mix it all well. You can make little variations by adding more or less honey depending on whether you want the salad to taste sweeter or tangier.

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