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Life Lessons from the Greatness Guide 2



Life lessons from the Greatness Guide 2
Life lessons from the Greatness Guide 2

I’ve been reading the Greatness Guide 2 by Robin Sharma for a month now. This guy can lead you towards a great life with such simplicity. I loved the Greatness Guide 1 and was waiting for a sequel. And, it is a great sequel! Robin has mentioned 101 great ways to reach the next level of our lives. All his books- The Monk who sold his Ferrari, The Leader who had no Title, Who will cry when you die, etc. are worth a read. This guy forces you to look to take out the greatness within you. An inspiration for millions of people, Here are a few life lessons from Robin Sharma’s breathtaking book ‘The Greatness Guide 2-

1. Be the best you

It’s something most of us forget- Everyone is unique. Someone else may try to copy the way you think, act, and speak. But, no one will be a better version of you than you. So, don’t owe it to yourself to be the best you. When you’re born with a potential and talent, you have no right to keep it to yourself.

2. Invisible fences

Invisible fences, they are symbol of all the limits and restrictions we’ve put on our dreams. We’re letting these fences take over our lives. There are many mind viruses out there, ‘I am average’, ‘It’s for genius people’, ‘I am not wired to do this’, ‘I can’t handle the stress’, etc. We need to get over these fences and realize that all of us are here to live to our fullest potential. We all deserve success, health, and happiness (no matter how strong the fences are).

3. The Power of simple

There is so much we can learn from children. They live in the moment, stay happy, live their day to the fullest. They are simple. There is so much power in this word- simplicity. Success is simple. All we need is simple ideas, simple efforts and simple tools. Every thing about success is related to simplicity.

4. Be so Good that they can’t ignore you

You’re just too awesome to be average. A person who is insanely good at what he does can never be ignored. Be so good that people get astonished. Be so good that people give you a standing ovation. Be so good that people get inspired to work at their best levels. A very simple yet a very powerful idea, ‘Get good or get out’.

5. The Success Expansion Principle

When we walk towards our limits, our limits expand. So it’s important for us to realize the things that we are scared of and walk towards our fear. These fears are nothing but liars. When you do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it actually grows to become a great person.

6. Wear Shiny Shoes

This point is all about being good at the tiny things in life. If your room is a mess, one can easily tell about the quality of your life. Superb leaders sweat the small stuff. They are concerned about every minute detail that is important. Little things matter. They matter a lot. You can tell a lot about an organization by the cleanliness in their bathrooms.

7. Listen Carefully

For most of us the idea of having a conversation, is to wait for the person to stop talking so that you can begin. How many of us listen? Listening is the most important part of our conversations. So, get your focus of being interested instead of being interesting. Powerful idea. Every person we meet has a story to tell, and he knows at least one thing that we don’t.

8. Do it now

A lot of people say this, ‘I’ll save enough for the winters and go to a holiday to have some fun’. It’s weird. Why can’t they have fun right now? Life’s too short to not have fun and delay the small pleasures. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect planning your future. But what about today? Today is a present. A gift, celebrate it.

9. Just be nice

Another simple yet very powerful idea. Many of us seem to forget it though. It’s the most fundamental aspect of being a human being. Be nice. This is an inborn quality in us. You remember a person when he’s nice to you. Nice people are being loved by tons of people in their circle. Nice is the latest trend if you want to succeed in business and life.

 “This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honor, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”- wise words from William Shakespeare.

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