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Life lessons from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Part 2)



Did you discover some new levels of insight into your favourite TV show from the 90’s in the last article? Sit back and I’ll take you throw some more lessons you missed while you snorted gleefully at the television set.

  1. Before you hit on your bestfriend’s girlfriend, ask him

Well, he may not be as understanding as Joey would have been if Chandler would have told him how he felt about Joey’s girlfriend before kissing her. But at least you’ll have that off your chest and believe it or not, things like this can really save your friendship. Or you know, you can just bottle up your feelings and always be awkward at the mention of your bestfriend’s girl but that would be against tenet number one from my last article.

  1. Don’t hide things about yourself from your significant other

Someone should have told Ross this when he started dating that sales girl Mona. Boy was she peeved when she heard that Ross not only had a child with Rachel out of wedlock but she was also living with him. That surely did not end well for the two of them.

  1. Always back-up your work

Believe it or not F.R.I.E.N.D.S also teaches you a thing or two about values in the tech age too. This something we don’t expect from a show that showed gadgets like cellphones and laptops minimally. Anyway, as the story goes Ross and all our friends go to Barbados for a palaeontology conference. In the middle of the night, Ross is editing his speech for the next day and a virus unknowingly activated by Chandler clicking on a link crashes his laptop. All his data is gone with a click of the mouse and he has to write his speech all over again. Of course, he doesn’t mind it since he is in the company of another hot palaeontologist (yes, they do exist!). But how many of us can survive this at a time where our computer holds more information than our brains? So, take this lesson and back up your hard drive every now and again.

  1. Some people just want to hate

We all know that Monica cannot handle criticism and sets out to prove that she is the best in whatever task you give her. She could not handle that Chandler didn’t like massages but finally became happy when he pronounced her the best of worst massage givers. But there was one time, when she wasn’t simply over-reacting and we learnt a valuable lesson from her. A food critic had visited the restaurant that she worked for and gave a bad review to her cooking. The very next day she went down to him with a fresh preparation of the very same food. But he just wouldn’t budge. Turns out he simply disliked it, and offered no suggestions to improve it. Sometimes even we come across such people who just hate without reason. We should learn to turn a blind eye on them and move on with our lives. Acceptance should come from within and not by the approval of other people around us.

  1. You fall in love when you least expect it

This is true for Chandler and Monica. They weren’t looking for love when they first hooked up at Ross’s wedding in London. They didn’t even expect it to be a serious thing and half expected that they will break up. They went to great lengths to hide their relationship so that it would not affect other people when they broke up. But as it turns out they made it all the way to the altar and even went forward to adopt a set of twins (although they ordered for just one!). Life often throws us various curveballs, and love is just one of them. When you least expect it, BAM! You meet someone right around the corner, fall in love and your life changes forever.

  1. If you don’t love your job, switch!

Even in the earlier seasons, Chandler is shown to be very unhappy with his job. But he never has the courage to quit it, as he confesses to Rachel when she quits her job as a waitress to be in the fashion industry. He even takes several aptitude tests to see if he is suited for any other job. He goes on to quit his data processing job later in the series. Finding another employment is difficult for him at such a ‘mature’ age but he struggles and joins an unpaid internship at an advertising firm. On the successful completion of his internship, he finally gets a full time job at the company and becomes really happy. Everyone else in F.R.I.E.N.D.S was in a job they loved. Even Ross, out of his love for dinosaurs was a palaeontology professor. Being stuck in a job that you do not like is difficult. It drains us physically and emotionally and we start to regret our life and start questioning the meaning of work. These are all the signs of a major existential crisis. So, if you are stuck in a job that you don’t like, walk out of it today and do what you love most in the world. Be it photography, art, music or anything. A few years down the line you could be an entrepreneur!

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