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Life- Just enjoy!


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Life – just enjoy it!

What is life according to you? Everyone’s answer would definitely differ to each other. Cool, amazing, not happening, tired, all set, enjoyable, hectic, etc. it all depends on how we look out and the way we response to our life in a particular way. Most of them have lots of complaints regarding their lifestyle and life as in they are not happy the way they are, they want more and their needs are never satisfied.

According to many people life is full to hectic to all this days due to lots of pressure, pollution, work, increasing demands of their children, growing rates of light bills, your expenses, your rent, E.M.I, hanging deadlines over your head is difficult to tackle all together. Even the recession thing is included in this sort of hectic life. While finding a balance between all this things you tend to lose you state of mind which affects your health leaving your life with loads of tension. When you face such situation there is only one way to handle it is by prioritizing your things correctly and accordingly to improve the imbalance situation.

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When you feel there is going to be some sort of tension arising out their being tensed about that won’t help you at all. There is no value to it, it’s just the waste of time because taking tension doesn’t solves the problem but instead question rises as to do what to solve the problem leaving a headache thinking about the same stuffs. Problems aren’t solved they are their just causing our mental stability to worse. We lose our ability to think correctly and sometimes take up wrong decisions which we weren’t intended to do so.

This directly leads to depression and often tends to create a distance between our closed ones due to hypertension.  When you feel lot of depression and feel to stay alone keep in mind that there is something wrong. Best step to take in this kind of situation is attend some function or plan for a get together or go for parties, try mixing with everyone which will lighten your mood and make your feel happy. You will meet some of the new people and also time will pass away. You will achieve stability of mind and will help you to take better decision then earlier.


If you have tension regarding your office never gossip about it in the office as it won’t help but may take it to worse. Instead get down for a walk after every 2 hours you will feel fresh. You will feel relieved from the hectic full environment. There is no harm it will cause benefit to your legs and back by taking a small walk plus tension free environment. Seating in one place and position muscles will stick to one position and will cause pain, walking will help to release the pressure. It is very important to keep balance between professional and personal life. It’s just not important but it is very difficult. If any one of the lives is disturbed it had direct effect on our mind and health.

This leads to unwanted involvement of personal life impact on professional one and vice versa. From both the sides we are the one causing stress to ourselves. We feel to stay alone and not to talk with anyone. We keep ourselves going through the same thought process which makes it difficult to take any decision. To avoid this at least 15 minutes a day to yoga to calm your mind and relax yourself. It also reduces some of the stress caused by tension and pressure. This is not just the problem caused there are other reasons also such as mobile and computers can also cause some of the problems. The way they give pressure on mind they also affect your eyesight. So always keep check of your eyesight and also use of these gadgets should be reduced.

Hectic lifestyle and increasing stress is caused due to not taking proper food on time, eating junk foods, less intake of vitamins which leads to improper health of one. Time to time checkup is a necessary thing and should be included in your list which will help you to keep a track of what is causing what kind of health issues. One should leave stress behind and live their life to the fullest. It should be like there is no tomorrow. Finding solutions to your problem and solving it in time will help you a lot in your life so prioritize accordingly. Enjoy your present is my personal opinion though come what may. If you take everything positively your life will be as simple as you want to. Life is today may not be tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring or may not bring? So live and love the way you live I bet you will feel the change. Your life is in your hand too short to worry and too much to care. Be happy and make your environment the same way it will take you to the long road of happiness. Hope you the best!

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