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When Life gets Rough, Remember These 8 Things


“I have a hard life.” “Oh really! I have had a harder life.” Who is telling the truth? The thing is that we have all had a hard life. But the only cure is to have a smile through all the nonsense and the rubbish we go through and we have to come out on the other side shining, beaming and glowing because life is not going to get any easier. “Never Pray for an easier life but pray to have strength to endure a difficult one.” Its all about becoming an Alchemist because the secret of alchemy is making the best out of the worst and not allowing the external events to govern our internal condition. There are so many things happening on the planet, a lot of us, we are awakening and this is difficult. Sometimes, it may be our personal relationships, arguments, financial insecurity but what really warms my heart is to see people who are smiling and you have no idea what they have gone through because they have tapped into the secret of Alchemy. So, here are 10 things that you should remember whenever you feel that your life is going through a rough patch.

1. It’s not that serious.


You have lost some money, its not that serious. Someone hurt your feelings, its not that serious. The secret is to over exaggerate what has just happened so just laugh out loud and this really works. By this we are releasing energy by this, we are releasing the negative block within ourselves. A lot of times, when we find ourselves in a hard challenging situation, what happens? We freeze up, we immobilize ourselves, when in essence we have to express ourselves a hundred percent because through that release we can find our inner calmness.

2. Whatever you focus on grows.


It is all about focus. You turn into whatever you watch or tune into. When so called negative things happen, we have to ask ourselves where we are placing our focus because once we see that we are co creators through our imagination and the power of visualization , we can change our reality. Just by changing our focus, we can change our lives.

3. Its all about how we react.


We should remember how we react with situation determines how we will experience the situation. You can’t control, You can’t stop things from happening sometimes, the things just happen but what liberates you is becoming aware of how you react to such situation. You have the power to create more harmony, more happiness and more abundance in any situation.

4. The power of attitude.


A lot of times we feel like victims and there is always someone out there doing everything for us but once we realize the secret that if we don’t see the power of our attitude we are going to remain stuck always. Because we are making choices every single day and they may be favorable or unfavorable. When we see that we don’t have a choice, we think that it is over and finished. So, it is all about our attitude in such situations.

5. Absorbing in the present moment.

Funny baby joe

It is all about absorbing ourselves in the present moment. When something bad happens, immediately so many of us, we start thinking of other future scenarios or we flash back to the past. The fundamental problem with many of us on the planet along with me is the existential crisis and this is based where we are living in our minds, when we have to move more into our heart space. That can only be done through making sure everyday we are connecting with our true authenticity by surrendering who we think we are. Its this personalized identity which is keeping us out of the now, my color, my race, my gender or what clothes i am wearing or how much money i have. All of those things are road blocks.

6. Exercising.


Anytime you feel life is crashing down on you and going to wipe you out, just be steady and do something you truly love to do. The secret is just to move your body because it reduces anxiety, stress and panic just by giving any exercise to body. It helps us in moving out of our mind and we start tapping into the subconscious mind because the body is the subconscious mind.

7. Meditation


We all know about the benefit of meditation but it is much more than just an exercise. It helps you bring into the now where you are not judging anymore how you are feeling. There is no more resistance and we can easily surrender ourselves to life. Many of us in the beta brainwave state and once we move out to the alpha, we start experiencing relaxation and calmness.

8. Its all about eating right.

When life gets rough we have to remind ourselves that we are what we eat. But we also have to see that whatever we are eating is energy, therefore are we eating life or are we eating death. Food is an energies being transferred into your DNA so you have to ask yourself – All the animals i am butchering how is that energetic state? Is it one which is on the love frequency or on the fear frequency because that energy is being transferred into your body. Once you start incorporating more vital nutrients and more enriching foods into your lifestyle you feel amazing because it is that simple connection.

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